I Made My Fiancé Regret Cheating on Me with My Best Friend – Was I Right to Make Him Cry at the Altar?

I never imagined that attending a wedding could feel like stepping onto a battlefield, but after my fiancé, Brad, cheated on me with my best friend, Andrea, I knew their wedding would be the perfect day to get my revenge.

My name is Megan, 28, and up until a few months ago, I thought my life was falling into place. I had a fiancé, Brad, and together we were planning a wedding and a future together. But as they say, life can change in the blink of an eye.

Even as I attempt to narrate this story, I still find it hard to believe how everything came tumbling down. It’s even harder to believe that my heartbreak was caused by the two people I trusted the most.

Anyway, without going too much in circles, I discovered a few weeks ago that Brad, now my ex-fiancé, cheated on me with my childhood best friend, Andrea. We have probably been friends since we were 12 years old, and our homes are about a mile apart.

Since I discovered their relationship, I have been living with my parents, working from home, and going to therapy. I was finally reaching a point where I could look back at the incident without crying, but I went back 10 steps in my healing journey when I found out that Andrea was pregnant.

She and Brad also decided they were going to get married, and the wedding date had already been set. I still cannot believe that my ex-fiancé and former best friend will be getting married in a few months.

As their lives move on, Brad and Andrea have been trying to clear their consciences. They have both been flooding me with messages that went from apologizing to insulting me. It turned out that I was not the only one who did not receive the news of their wedding with open arms; both Brad and Andrea’s families refused to attend their wedding because of what they did to me.

So their apologies quickly turned into them blaming me for “ruining” their wedding and being a vengeful, selfish person because I was the reason they were not going to have their families on their big day.

They tried to bribe me by saying that if I got their families to attend their wedding, they would name their unborn child after me. Brad and Andrea’s families also only agreed to be at the union if I attended because it would show them that I have “forgiven” them. Everything just felt like I should be moving my life around and speeding up my healing process to make sure that Andrea and Brad had a happy life together, a life that should have been my reality.

Andrea never stopped texting; it felt like she was stalking me because she tried to message me from about six different numbers, but I blocked each of them. My blood boiled when I read all of those texts. Call me evil, but I just could not let Andrea and Brad get away with this without getting my revenge.

As I sat there stewing in my anger, I had an idea for what I thought was a perfect revenge. I decided to text Andrea back and told her I would be attending their wedding and gave them the go-ahead to inform their families as well.

The day of the wedding came. It was an outside ceremony with white decor and hints of gold, which looked exactly like the vision board Brad and I had put together. The seats filled, and the groom’s and bride’s families went to their allocated places in the front.

I specially chose a seat right in the middle. I wanted Brad and Andrea to see me from every angle, and it was intentional for the stunt I was about to pull.

The couple said their vows, and just before they were about to be announced as husband and wife, the priest asked if anyone objected to the union. I raised my hand, stood up, and could feel the stares from the crowd and heard some whisper, “What is she doing?” But I stood there with conviction prepared to lay it all out on the table.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you not to celebrate, but to object. You see, this wedding, though beautiful in its setting, is built upon my tears and unbearable heartache. Months ago, I discovered that Brad, the man I loved and thought loved me back, had been cheating with Andrea, whom I used to call my best friend.

You might be wondering why I have succumbed myself to the pain of witnessing them move on but after everything I have been through, I thought this day might be the perfect day to tell them exactly how much their affair took from me.

As they fought to be together, bombarding me with messages and calling me selfish, I discovered that I was pregnant with a little girl. At twelve weeks, while I also dealt with the stress and emotional turmoil of watching my life fall apart, I miscarried and never got to meet my daughter. Every ultrasound image, every flutter I felt was gone overnight. The doctors said it was stress-induced, a direct result of the emotional trauma caused by their affair.”

My voice cracked slightly as I continued, “This isn’t just about infidelity. It’s about the life it cost us—my daughter’s life. I’ve been living in a silent hell, mourning alone while they planned this celebration.”

I paused again to steady my voice and looked directly at the couple, “I cannot stand here and let this day pass without saying that this union starts with a lie. How can I wish happiness to those who caused me so much pain? How can I pretend that their happiness does not come at the expense of my own?”

My eyes welled up with tears as I concluded, “To Brad and Andrea, know that today is not a joyous day for me. It is a reminder of the loss and pain I’ve suffered because of your actions. You both moved on, but I am left with scars that may never heal. I will not forgive this betrayal, nor will I forget the cost of this wedding.”

I stood there in silence and looked directly at Brad. He stood on the altar and cried, while everyone remained silent. Brad’s tears did nothing for me. I wanted him to feel responsible for my miscarriage. I walked out of the wedding feeling lighter.

I heard that things paused for a bit, but Brad wiped his tears and continued to get married to Andrea. I do not care about what they do anymore because I said what was on my chest and mind. I am ready to start a new chapter and leave all of this pain behind.

It is scary what grief and pain can do to a person, but after reading my story, do you think that I was justified in how I reacted, or did I cross a line?

Disclaimer: This work is inspired by real events and people, but it has been fictionalized for creative purposes. Names, characters, and details have been changed to protect privacy and enhance the narrative. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

The author and publisher make no claims to the accuracy of events or the portrayal of characters and are not liable for any misinterpretation. This story is provided “as is,” and any opinions expressed are those of the characters and do not reflect the views of the author or publisher.

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My Husband, Who Is the Reason I Can’t Have Children, Cheated On Me
I’m Emily, 28, and married to David, 33. Three years ago, an accident, due to my husband’s negligence, left me infertile. I have since come to make peace with the fact that I would not be able to bear children.

However, I had considered adoption long before the incident. Although this life-altering event caused deep-seated sorrow, I never let it taint my relationship with David. I’ve avoided discussing my infertility and the pain it causes. David knows he’s responsible, and his guilt is evident.

My therapist helped me handle my feelings without becoming too angry. I’m not resentful toward him and as such, have forgiven him. Even the therapist commended me for not allowing this experience to affect my marriage.

As David carried guilt, we decided to shield him further, by keeping the reason for my infertility a secret from everyone, including my parents and friends.

We both did this because we were concerned that my parents’ opinion of him would change. David even begged me not to tell my friends when I only wanted to confide in my best friend, for support. The only confidants were those privy to my medical files and my therapist.

Two years of healing and discussions led us to a joyous decision: adoption. Just a month ago, our anticipation became palpable; a child would soon join our home.

I sincerely believed that both my husband and I were happy about this new addition in our lives. And that we were on the same page. But things became clearer after a bombshell was dropped on me in the most heart-wrenching way.

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