Friends of Kate Middleton say it was “almost desperate” that she had to make cancer announcement

After weeks of irrational rumors about Kate Middleton’s location and health, friends of the princess have expressed their shock at the events leading up to her public cancer diagnosis, calling it “almost desperate.”

The Princess of Wales courageously shared her diagnosis in a moving video that was made public on Friday night, stressing that she wanted to first give her kids an explanation of what was going on. According to sources, the film was released just in time for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’s academic terms to conclude, giving the family a chance to spend Easter vacation together.

While Kate’s dignity throughout the announcement highlighted her tenacity, the precise kind and stage of her cancer are still unknown. The constant speculations about her health may have played a role in the video’s publication, but it was also a reaction to the intense public scrutiny she was subjected to.

The lack of new images or films featuring Kate aroused public interest, stoking rumors and creating a demand for details from the Palace. With her open disclosure, Kate hopefully put an end to the persistent rumors and answered a lot of unanswered questions.

Friends of the Princess expressed regret at the need for such openness while admitting that the circumstances are regrettable. A friend expressed her concern at Kate having to disclose her condition because of the rumors and false information that had been floating around about her and her family.

Another close confidant of the Princess emphasized Kate’s feeling of responsibility as a public person, recognizing her role as a leader and the significance of preserving some semblance of normalcy in the face of hardship.

One can only hope that Kate finds comfort and tranquility away from the constant attention of the public as she sets off on her road to recovery.

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