Angelina Jolie Steps Out in Chic Coat on Outing with Daughter Vivienne, 15, Who Looks Like Dad’s ‘Twin’

Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie and her daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, turned city sidewalks into a runway after a recent shopping escapade. They wore effortlessly stunning ensembles that captivated onlookers, but it was Vivienne’s striking likeness to her famous father and Angelina’s choice of coat that truly sparked conversations.
Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt recently stole the spotlight after they were pictured with bags of goodies from a shopping spree in New York City. Angelina exuded a stylish aura in a long black coat reaching above her calves, paired with black pants and a brown shoulder bag. Her long hair flowed over her shoulders, and her gaze was shielded behind a pair of sleek glasses.

Vivienne, on the other hand, strode joyfully, rocking a simple gray crewneck sweatshirt and light blue jeans, paired with white sneakers that complemented the relaxed, everyday style. Her brunette hair, reaching just below her shoulders, was parted in the middle.

The picture has sparked a wave of fan reactions online. Some raved about Vivienne’s resemblance to her dad, Brad Pitt, with one writing, “Definitely not Angelina’s lookalike because clearly she’s all Brad.” A second agreed, “Looks like her dad,” while others simply declared, “Brad’s twin,” and “Viv looks like Brad.”

This perspective brings us back to Angelina’s own views on fashion. Known for her distinct style, Angelina Jolie has long marched to the beat of her own drum when it comes to clothing. She prefers to shop for herself and collaborate with tailors rather than relying on celebrity stylists, showing a preference for authenticity and personal touch over mass-market trends.

With more books than clothes in her closet, her approach to fashion is thoughtful and intentional, not driven by external pressures but by her own values. She’s expressed a desire to not let clothes consume her life, nor does she entertain the idea of being “influenced” by fleeting fashion whims.
“I don’t tell the kids how to dress,” she remarked, demonstrating her belief in personal choice and expression. This extends to public appearances, where she maintains that no one is obliged to dress up or attend if they do not wish to.

Angelina’s perspective on fashion is not just about appearance, but about an ethos that embraces individuality and a sustainable lifestyle, a stance that’s certainly influential in its own right.

Amid the chatter about fashion choices and the occasional stain, the essence of Angelina’s approach to life—with its emphasis on personal significance over appearances—can also be traced back to the early chapters of her children’s lives. It’s in these personal anecdotes that we find a deeper understanding of the values that likely influence her and her family’s public presentation.
Take, for example, the touching account of the birth of Knox and Vivienne. The family’s obstetrician/gynecologist shared a glimpse into those intimate moments, revealing a tender side to the story, by sharing how Brad was actively involved during the births.
He jokingly referred to Brad as his “assistant.” He wasn’t just present but played a participatory role, cutting the umbilical cords of the twins. The scene, described as a blend of calm determination and profound joy, summed up his deep involvement and emotional presence.
The mother-daughter duo outing is the second one this month, with the first being a few days ago, as we reported on April 5, 2024:
The actress and her daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt were spotted attending a preview of “The Outsiders,” a musical they are not only passionate about but also actively producing.
This occasion marked a significant public appearance for Vivienne, her first since 2021, drawing the attention of fans and media alike. As Angelina and Vivienne navigate the complexities of producing a Broadway show, their cast is a star-studded blend of Broadway stars.

However, the spotlight on this mother-daughter duo illuminated more than just their latest creative endeavor. Fans quickly took to social media and forums to express their opinions on Vivienne’s appearance, comparing her to her parents and sparking a wide array of reactions.
One fan remarked that “they look nothing alike,” referring to the caption of a social media post that called Vivienne her mother’s “mini-me.” Another said, “She definitely looks like her dad.”
While some people thought that Vivienne resembled her father, others did not. One fan even went so far as to say, “She’s the one bio child that doesn’t look like either of them.”
Others simply noted she held no resemblance to Angelina, saying, “I do not think she looks like her mother.” One fan said that Vivienne looked “homely” and would only fully blossom in her 20s.
Some fans compared Vivienne to her maternal grandmother and others said she was “so pretty.” One fan compared Pax to his Uncle James, and Shiloh to her mother with a hint of her father, and said Vivienne did not look like either of them but had her father’s nose.

Central to the conversation, however, is the bond between Angelina and Vivienne—a relationship anchored in mutual respect for creativity and the arts.
Angelina’s admiration for Vivienne’s approach to theater, her dedication to supporting fellow creatives, and her serious commitment to understanding her role within the production speak volumes about the values instilled in her.
Their journey to New York, marked by laughter and casual attire, underscores a familial bond that thrives on support, understanding, and a shared passion for storytelling.
This collaboration on “The Outsiders” not only offers Vivienne a platform to explore her interests but also serves as a testament to Angelina’s role as both a mother and mentor.
“The Outsiders,” a musical adaptation of the 1983 film featuring stars like Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze, represents a convergence of past and present for Angelina.

Her decision to become a lead producer, inspired by the show’s premiere and discussions with author S.E. Hinton, signifies a return to her theatrical roots—a sentiment echoed in her statement about rediscovering her love for the theater.
As Angelina reflects on her time at the Lee Strasberg Institute, her anticipation for the musical’s Broadway debut reflects a personal and professional milestone, underscoring her commitment to contributing to and learning from the production.
Angelina has spoken about how much Vivienne is like her mother, saying that she was never focused on being the center of attention. Instead, she wanted to support other creatives.
Talking about her daughter’s contributions to the production and theater in general, Angelina said, “She’s very thoughtful and serious about theatre and working hard to best understand how to contribute.”
Vivienne’s entry into the world of acting, initiated on the set of “Maleficent,” reveals the complexities of navigating a creative career from a young age.
Angelina said that her first scene was one she had to do alone, and being four years old at the time made it difficult to get her to do what she needed to.
Brad Pitt and Angelina were both on set with their daughter during filming, so they helped her along in her scene by “jumping around” to encourage her to do the scene.

Angelina joked that the outtakes were funny as she and Pitt can be seen doing everything they can to make their daughter complete her scene properly.
Although her first scene was difficult, her second scene was easier because it was one she got to do with her mother. Angelina said it was fun and that Vivienne had a casual approach to acting with not much interest in seeing herself on-screen.
Despite the challenges, her experiences on set, guided by the encouragement and coaching of her parents, highlight a journey marked by growth, exploration, and familial support.
Angelina’s pride in Vivienne’s casual yet committed approach to acting illuminates the nurturing environment in which she has been raised, one that values creativity, resilience, and the freedom to choose one’s path.
In essence, the public outing of Angelina and Vivienne offers a glimpse into a relationship defined by mutual respect, creative collaboration, and a deep-rooted love for the arts.

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