I Proposed to My Girlfriend, Now She Wants to Be a Stay-at-Home Fiancée – Am I Marrying a Gold Digger?

A 30-year-old man sought advice on Reddit about his fiancée’s desire to quit her job after their engagement. They met at work, where he’s a researcher in a tech firm, and she works in marketing. Despite the 15x difference in their salaries, they split expenses based on earnings. He owns their apartment, but she still contributes.

Recently engaged, she requested an expensive engagement ring, emphasizing its cost in conversations. Now, she wants to quit her job to plan their wedding, claiming stress and burnout. Despite his concerns about her abandoning her career early, they reached a compromise: she’ll look for work after the wedding. Reddit users expressed skepticism, some labeling her a gold-digger and advising him to get a prenup.

In an update, he shared their conversation and her plans to seek a different job or further education. Despite reservations, he trusts her intentions. However, Reddit users caution against complacency, urging him to protect his financial future.

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