My Husband Mentioned He’d Be Working on Valentines Day, Then I Discovered Him in a Restaurant

This Reddit user had to learn the hard way that her husband would always choose his mother over his spouse and child. The husband went against an agreement he made with his wife to cut his mother out of their lives for something despicable she did to their baby girl.

Taking to Reddit on the night before Valentine’s Day, 2024, a 31-year-old married woman noted how her husband informed her he’d go to work on the special day. The original poster’s (OP) husband apologized, explaining his boss called him in for an extra shift due to being short-staffed.

The Reddit user explained that she was bothered but took it in her stride because she and her husband never did anything extravagant on the day, except watch movies and cuddle. However, that year it was different because they had a six-month-old daughter, but she still let it go.

OP revealed her husband had been working for the same company for nine years, with his schedule and lunch break remaining from 10 a.m. until eight at night ever since. The Reddit user shared that her car was in the shop and wasn’t due for completion until February 16th, but the mechanic finished early and called her at around 11 a.m. to fetch it.

Since the shop wasn’t far, OP walked to it with her infant daughter before driving to a gas station that has a small restaurant inside. To her surprise, she saw her husband’s truck outside, who worked 45 minutes away from the establishment in the opposite direction.

OP noted it couldn’t have been his lunch break because of his standard and unchanging schedule. She went inside and saw him sitting with his mother, which left OP shocked because she and her husband had decided to go “no contact” with her mother-in-law (MIL) a month before.

The decision was made after the grandmother slapped her infant granddaughter in the face, leaving a red mark because the baby bit down on the woman’s arm while teething. OP walked up to their table and asked her husband how work was, and he got up and replied:

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to have lunch with my mom for Valentine’s Day.”

The Redditor asked her spouse if he wished to have lunch with the “witch” who slapped their infant daughter across her face. She told him to go ahead and enjoy his lunch but not to return home as he could stay with his “mommy.”

The mother of one’s husband later texted her, complaining that the two couples who were sitting close by started giving him and his mother ugly looks. He even revealed that one of them gasped, saying “Oh my God,” while his mother gave OP dirty looks.

When she left the restaurant, her husband followed her to her car and stated, “It’s not like I’m allowing her around our daughter.” He claimed he shouldn’t have to lie about having lunch with his mother and felt the whole thing was “pathetic.”

“So, he lies to you. Both about work and seeing his mother.”
OP’s husband then called her out for embarrassing him in front of the whole restaurant. She replied, telling him that he should be more embarrassed by hanging out with a child abuser before getting into her car and leaving.

Going into their joint bank account, she froze it after seeing that a $400 purchase had gone off from her MIL’s favorite antique shop, meaning OP’s husband had bought her a gift. The mother of one turned the account off because she felt more than half of the money was hers as she also worked full-time, earning $9 more per hour than her husband.

Livid, OP called her friend, wanting to hang out as she was frustrated by how her husband agreed to go no contact with her MIL but then lied to ditch her and their daughter on Valentine’s Day. However, the woman’s friend told her she was being overdramatic and should’ve left the restaurant and confronted him alone and in private.

In an edit, OP explained that she ended up leaving with her baby when her MIL assaulted the child. The older woman allegedly picked a fight with OP when she and her husband told the older woman to leave, so the mother of one exited instead.

Ironically, her husband told her he called the police, who took a statement. According to him, the police later said it was a “word of mouth” case and they weren’t going to pursue it. But now, OP had doubts about him ever calling the police.

One Reddit user replied to OP’s story saying, “This is more than just ‘lunch’ with his mom. He had to fill the hours between 9 am (leaving home for the 45 min drive to work) and 9 pm (including the 45 min drive home) somehow. So he is continuing to lie to you. NTA. Why would he think he deserves ‘consideration’?”

“So, he lies to you. Both about work and seeing his mother. Then he takes her out for Valentine’s Day and buys her an expensive present after she abused your child? Update me when you kick him out,” said another reader.

“NTA first of all it is Valentine’s Day not Mother’s Day & is completely inappropriate to ditch your wife for your mother. Secondly (sic) go open an account only in your name for your paycheck & meet with a lawyer,” suggested a Reddit user.

“Wow. This story had some twists and turns in it. Originally I was thinking you sounded a little passive aggressive about Valentines Day (sic), but when I started reading the second paragraph I understood the real issue. Your husband lied to your face. Not only that, he lied to your face on Valentine’s Day which may be the dumbest thing you could do as a husband. I think freezing the bank account may have been a little much, but $400 is no joke so I guess I can understand. You’re obviously not the [expletive]. Ya’ll need couples therapy,” commented another person.

The consensus was that OP wasn’t the wrong party for reacting badly to her husband lying to her and meeting his mother behind her back. Some people even thought these were grounds for divorce!

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