How Cancer-Stricken Shannen Doherty, 52, Is Preparing for Her Death – Fans Pray for Her Healing

In a recent, moving interview, Shannen Doherty opened up about the stark realities of living with cancer and how she has been preparing for her death by selling some of her belongings, among other things.
Having been diagnosed with cancer, Shannen Doherty is navigating the complexities of preparing for the end, while simultaneously holding onto the hope for more life.
Doherty shared that cancer has been a cruel teacher, forcing her to re-evaluate her life and what truly matters. At the forefront of her concerns is her mother and the logistical and emotional burdens her passing could impose.

Although still alive, the “90210” star is already preparing for her passing. She shared a strong wish to make things simpler for her mom after she’s gone, specifically cleaning up her furniture collection. This hobby might seem small, but it has led her to gather many items. Now, she’s looking at what she’ll leave behind.
“I don’t want her to deal with four storage units of furniture,” Doherty said, showing how she’s trying to reduce and sort out her belongings. With help from her friend, she’s giving away, selling, and throwing out things that had piled up in storage and at home.
However, it’s not just about the material belongings. Doherty feels that she is also giving up on dreams and plans. She talked about how hard it was to pack up a place in Tennessee that she hoped to turn into a rescue space for horses and a home for her and her mom.
“I was giving up on this stream of you know, building this property out and putting a house for me and a house for my mom, and then extending the barn and rescuing horses and having a sanctuary,” she said.
Despite the preparations for her departure, Doherty’s spirit remains defiantly hopeful. “I don’t want to die. I’m so not the person who wants to die. I mean, nobody wants to die,” she admitted, echoing a sentiment felt universally but acutely poignant in her circumstance.
Following Shannen Doherty’s heartfelt interview, the outpouring of support, prayers, and well-wishes from fans and social media users has been overwhelming.

The online community rallied around Doherty, extending their empathy and admiration for her resilience and selflessness in the face of such a daunting journey with cancer.
Among the sea of comments, admiration for Doherty’s thoughtfulness was a common thread. “How selfless to think of everyone else while she’s going through this,” one user noted, highlighting the actress’s concern for her loved ones’ wellbeing in her own time of need.

Another echoed this sentiment, saying, “This is why I love her so much, making sure her loved ones don’t have to be burdened with these tasks and making sure they’re taken care of when she’s gone.”
The emotional weight of Doherty’s situation was not lost on her supporters. “Ugh, this is heartbreaking. She’s been fighting so hard for so many years,” a comment read, acknowledging the actress’s prolonged battle with cancer. Another simply stated, “That must be hard! For everyone involved.”
In the realm of spiritual support, many turned to prayer, with one user sharing, “Praying for Healing,” and another adding, “May God grant her healing.”

Accepting an illness that slowly kills the body is no easy feat. We previously reported that Doherty found the courage to come to terms with her stage 4 cancer diagnosis and take the public with her on her journey.
Doherty, who knows the possibilities of her illness, recently revealed that she wants her funeral to be anything but sad. Instead of a place to mourn her death, she wants it to be a coming together to celebrate her life.

“I don’t want people to be crying or people to want people to privately [be] like thank God that they’re just dead now,” she said. Given the choice, she would want to hold the memorial service in her home and have it something like a party.
She also claimed that she preferred cremation but did not plan where to settle her ashes. “I want to be cremated,” she said, acknowledging the “morbid topic.” “I want to be mixed with my dog, and I want to be mixed with my dad,” she added.

Doherty was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She underwent the necessary treatment and procedures, including a mastectomy, to remove the mass. Although she went into remission after two years, the cancer returned in 2019.
The following year, she announced her metastatic stage 4 cancer. She has since been open about her journey and raised awareness and funds for research. Admittedly, she still wants to live and knows she has more to give to this world.
However, things only got worse for the actress. In June 2023, she revealed that the cancer spread to her brain and later to her bones. Still, she tries to live every day normally and to the best of her abilities. “I pray. I wake up and go to bed thanking God, praying for the things that matter to me without asking for too much,” she said.

Previously, Shannen Doherty expressed her belief that the procedures she undertook to become a mom contributed to her cancer. According to the star, IVF may have increased the chances of the illness returning.
She has since gone through various treatments in her fight against this formidable adversary, including a new cancer infusion treatment.
Despite initial setbacks and a lack of visible progress after four treatments, where many might have urged a change in strategy, Doherty’s determination shone through. “I’m on a new cancer infusion, and you know, after four treatments, we didn’t really see a difference, and everybody wanted me to switch,” she recounted in January.

However, Doherty’s steadfast resolve, coupled with her medical team’s guidance, led to a pivotal decision to persist with the current treatment. This decision was not made lightly but was anchored in hope and faith. After the sixth or seventh treatment, they saw improvement.
This breakthrough was a moment of profound significance for her, symbolizing not just a medical milestone but a personal miracle. “Do I call that a miracle? Yeah? For me, that happens to be a miracle right now,” she said.

This moment of triumph, as described by Doherty, underscores the complex and challenging journey faced by those battling cancer. It highlights the critical importance of perseverance, the value of doctor-patient collaboration, and the powerful impact of faith and hope in the healing process.

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