Flight attendant humorously replies to a rude wealthy Lady.

The airline business has faced many issues lately. Besides handling upset passengers, employees must stay positive, even when it’s tough not to express their true feelings.

When they get the chance, it’s usually super cool. This happened when a guy working on the plane had an encounter with a demanding, wealthy passenger. The outcome is sure to make you burst into laughter.

A flight attendant who is gay had a clever way of handling a stuck-up passenger who wouldn’t lift her tray during landing. Despite being told to do so, the woman refused and spoke rudely. Wait until you hear what he replied.

I had a flight where a very openly gay flight attendant made the atmosphere lively. He brought a positive vibe while serving us food and drinks.

Right before landing, he walked down the aisle and said:

“Captain Marvey wants me to tell you he’s landing the big plane soon. So, everyone, please put your trays up, okay?”

As he walked back, he saw a very stylish and unique young woman who hadn’t budged.

“Maybe my voice got lost in the loud plane engines, but I told you to lift your tray so we can land smoothly.”

She calmly looked and said, “In my country, they call me a Princess, and I don’t take orders from anyone.”

The flight attendant quickly responded, saying,

“Well, dear, in my homeland, I’m a Queen, so I have higher status than you. Lift the tray, please.”

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