Woman Was Shocked When Her Best Friend’s Husband Hid The Bottles From His Wife

Sadie and Lori were best friends since high school, practically sisters. Lori was like a daughter to Sadie’s mom. They both married their high school sweethearts, Benjamin and Keith, who were also best friends.

One day, they planned a trip together for Keith’s birthday. Sadie was in charge of booking accommodations while Lori and Ben took care of the food. Everything was going well until late in the evening when Sadie and Ben found themselves alone on the balcony.

Benjamin revealed to Sadie that he had been hiding bottles from Lori as part of a surprise. Sadie was confused and asked what bottles he meant. Ben, under the influence of alcohol, hinted at something secretive.

Lori, who wasn’t fond of alcohol due to her father’s struggles with alcoholism, approached them, and Ben quickly changed the subject. Later that night, Sadie confided in Keith about what Ben had said.

The next day, Sadie told Lori about Ben’s strange behavior, and Lori was shocked. They went home early, and Lori discovered a gas leak in their house. She realized that if she hadn’t left work early, they could have been in danger.

Lori found the bottles hidden behind towels in the linen cupboard. They turned out to be antique perfume bottles, some worth a lot of money. Ben confessed that he had been selling them to save up for a surprise trip to Paris for their anniversary.

Despite the initial shock, Lori realized that Ben’s actions were a way of showing his love. Sadie shared the story with Keith, who reassured her that it was a thoughtful gesture, especially since Lori loved old movies and perfume bottles.

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