Meghan Markle Wears Blouse with Hole to Visit Kids at LA Hospital, Drawing Criticism

Amid her philanthropic endeavors at a children’s medical facility, the Duchess of Sussex faced a wave of scrutiny over a noticeable hole in her blouse, turning a simple fashion choice into the center of attention. Social platforms buzzed with mixed feedback as this unintentional detail inadvertently stole the spotlight.
In a recent visit to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Meghan Markle was spotted engaging with children and staff members as part of the hospital’s Make March Matter fundraising campaign.
Dressed in a white blouse paired with a floral print flowy skirt, Markle—known for her philanthropy and humanitarian endeavors—enjoyed a special storytime session with the kids.

Despite the charitable cause, her appearance prompted harsh criticism from the public when observers noticed an unexpected detail in her attire: a hole in her blouse.

“How embarrassing! But she would never make that mistake of posting a photoshopped pic,” commented one user. A royal gossip account sarcastically tweeted, “Meghan’s next children’s book: The Duchess of Sussex Has Holes in Her Clothes. #MeghanMarkle #MeghanMarkleEXPOSED #HarryandMeghanAreAJoke.”

Other social media users did not hold back with their judgmental opinions with someone else writing, “Can’t she zip up her clothes or is that a hole[?] #MeghanMarkle can never dress! She’s a very strange person. Those feet, is Meghan a male?”

Adding further insult to injury, someone else said, “Yet another fashion blunder,” and another social media user simply wrote, “Disaster after disaster ‍♀️‍♀️,” seemingly hinting that this recent appearance isn’t the first time they’ve been unimpressed with Markle’s choice of ensemble.
However, despite the predominance of criticism, a segment of Markle’s followers and fans came to her defense, highlighting the positive aspects of her visit and her fashion choice.
“Love, love this skirt…be well, be happy, Meghan ❤️,” praised a supporter, while another fan echoed the sentiment, proclaiming, “The Duchess of Sussex Beautiful as ever .”

Meghan Markle’s visit to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles comes as part of her ongoing commitment to supporting charitable causes and organizations.

While the hole in her blouse became a focal point for many, it did not underscore the primary purpose of her visit: to bring joy and support to the children and staff of the hospital through the Make March Matter campaign.
However, the fact that many people paid more attention to Markle’s attire instead of her visit does highlight the intense scrutiny public figures tend to face, where even a minor oversight can overshadow their positive contributions.

Much like how Markle’s recent ensemble sparked strong reactions from social media users, we previously reported on another instance in which her casual $98 denim attire garnered mixed responses across online platforms.

In a heartwarming blend of royal presence and local charm, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and her husband, Prince Harry, were recently seen engaging with the community in Texas. Their visit also saw them visit La Barbecue, a renowned barbecue restaurant, where the couple, not shying away from the spotlight, warmly mingled with both staff and patrons.

The restaurant captured this memorable occasion with a series of photographs shared on social media, showcasing the Sussexes in various candid moments with the employees — from posing with a staff member to engaging in conversations inside the eatery and even capturing moments outside the establishment.
The caption accompanying these images expressed gratitude towards the royal couple: “Thank you so much Meghan and Harry for visiting us today!! It was so nice to meet you both This page is a place for love and support, if you have something negative to say, take it somewhere else. ❤️”
Despite the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere, reactions to Meghan’s attire — jeans paired with a relaxed-fit denim button-up top from Aritzia, complemented by an ivory blazer by Heidi Merrick made of raw silk and hemp — were mixed among fans online.

Critics commented on her choice of outfit, with remarks such as, “Why is she dressed in a power suit from the 80s god she always looks so sloppy” and “She never irons her clothes, is there no iron where Megan lives.”
This is not the first time Markle has been criticized for her attire. She was also critiqued for her SXSW appearance this month. While some fans ignored La Barbecue asking that no negativity be shared on their page, others shared love and positivity. Many jumped to Markle’s defense, highlighting the positive impact of the visit with comments like, “Ahh love Prince Harry & Meghan,” “Omg,” and “Lovely.”

This outing is part of the Sussexes’ broader visit to Texas for The Archewell Foundation’s San Antonio Welcome Project, which aids in the resettlement of Afghan women by developing their sewing skills and fostering community. The Duke and Duchess actively participated in these sessions, witnessing the joy and creativity unleashed among the women. Their visit was crowned with the Duchess joining in to prepare bolani, a traditional Afghan flatbread, emphasizing the communal and nurturing spirit of their mission.

Furthermore, the royal couple’s journey included a profoundly meaningful stop in Uvalde, Texas, to meet with the family of Irma Garcia, a victim of the tragic Robb Elementary School shooting. Irma Garcia’s dedication as a teacher for 23 years and her untimely death, followed by her husband Joe Garcia’s death from a heart attack, left a community in mourning and a nation in shock. The Sussexes’ visit, was described as “beautiful” and “compassionate” by Irma’s nephew, John Martinez.

Martinez shared that the family were excited at the fact that Meghan Markle would be visiting, saying: “It was kind of by surprise, she [Meghan] had called my mom one random day and dropped the news on us not too long ago that she was coming to visit the kids and of course we got so excited.”
The young man shared that when the couple visited the family, they talked with Irma and Joe’s children about their plans for the future. Before they left, they surprised Martinez’s mother with a cake to celebrate her birthday and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. This was the second time the family had met with Markle and Prince Harry.

Days after the shooting, Markle had visited the makeshift memorial at the county courthouse, where she placed flowers. A representative for Markle shared: “She took this trip in a personal capacity as a mother, to offer her condolences and support in person to a community experiencing unimaginable grief.”
The couple’s efforts in Uvalde did not stop with personal visits; through The Archewell Foundation, they have joined forces with the City of Uvalde and KABOOM! to construct a playground at DeLeon Park. This initiative aims to offer a sanctuary for joy and healing, embodying the resilience and hope of a community striving to recover from an unspeakable tragedy.

Their actions, both in personal gestures and community projects, reflect a profound commitment to providing support and fostering recovery in the aftermath of violence.

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