Queen Camilla, 76, Steps Out with $7,100 Luxury Handbag on Public Appearance, Earning Mixed Opinions

On the Royal Family’s Instagram page, a collection of photographs featuring Queen Camilla and King Charles III at the Easter Mattins Service at St. George’s Chapel recently captivated public attention. Queen Camilla’s accessory of choice seemed to spark debate.
Recently, photos of the Royal family were shared on their official Instagram page. In these images, King Charles III was elegantly dressed in blue suit pants, complemented by a matching shirt and tie, and layered with a long black overcoat.

Beside her husband, Queen Camilla radiated in an emerald green dress paired with a matching fascinator and black boots. However, amidst the royal splendor, it was not her attire but rather her accessory choice that sparked a flurry of reactions: a luxury handbag that stood out as a topic of conversation among fans and critics alike.

The Queen was photographed carrying a small but remarkably luxurious handbag, priced at a staggering $7,100. This piece hails from the prestigious designer label Chanel.

Queen Camilla’s choice of handbag instantly ignited a wave of comments and opinions across social media platforms. Some admirers were quick to express their awe and approval, with reactions ranging from astonishment — “Literally Chanel bag?” — to outright admiration for her taste, as one royal observer noted, “Camilla has good handbag taste.”
Others gushed, “The Queen is so elegant” and praised her “stylish” choice. However, not all feedback was positive. A few voices criticized the Queen’s preference for designer labels, with one comment pointedly stating, “A true Queen doesn’t go around with designers’ bags. You can tell she is a total commoner.”
Amidst the mix of admiration and critique over the Queen’s choice of accessory, Charlotte Jones, the owner of Charlotte Elizabeth handbags, offers a unique perspective on the influence of the royal family on her own success.

The Queen’s endorsement of luxury handbags holds deep significance for Jones, whose career was catapulted by the support she received from Camilla’s husband, King Charles III, and his Prince’s Trust.
In 2014, Jones participated in a four-day workshop organized by the Prince’s Trust, which covered essential business skills including drafting a business plan, brand creation, and customer service.

This opportunity was a turning point for her, enabling the establishment of Charlotte Elizabeth. With a £3,000 loan from the Trust, Jones was able to produce her first batch of 40 handbags, crafted in Somerset.

This initial step was critical, as without it, the creation of her brand would have been unattainable. Reflecting on her journey, Jones expressed her gratitude towards the royal family, stating, “I owe everything to them.”

This is not the only time that a member of the royal family has had an impact on Jones. In 2018, before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had married, the Duchess stepped off a plane in Northern Ireland with a Charlotte Elizabeth handbag on her arm.

Within 24 hours of the event, sales were up by 45,000 percent for Jones’ fledgling business and the handbag that the Duchess was carrying was put on preorder for six months.

Jones knew then that she had a proper business and that she would have customers on a global scale thanks to the Duchess carrying her brand.

Talking about her experience with her business becoming so popular due to this, Jones shared, “It was a lot to take in. And suddenly you have to scale so quickly to meet the demand. That was a massive learning curve. But something I hugely appreciate.”

After Markle was seen carrying the bag, other royals followed suit. Soon, Zara Tindall and Queen Camilla were seen carrying the handbags on royal engagements, too.

On a visit to France last year, Queen Camilla was seen carrying the Mayflower-style handbag. Jones has shared her gratitude for both the loan she received from the trust and for Markle’s role in helping her scale her business up.
As previously reported on March 28, 2024, Queen Camilla interacted with fans at a farmer’s market in Shrewsbury:

At a quaint farmer’s market in Shrewsbury, Queen Camilla, aged 76, recently embarked on a visit that would leave an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

The Queen Consort, greeted with the warmth and admiration that accompanies her title, navigated through the market, an event that turned into much more than a mere public appearance.

As she strolled amongst the stalls, her presence ignited a fervor among those gathered, with fans eagerly holding up signs, their messages a blend of welcome and goodwill. The air buzzed with the sound of voices calling out to the Queen Consort as she wandered through the market.
Among the sea of signs and well-wishers, a particularly poignant moment unfolded as Queen Camilla approached a group of young girls, their hands clasping signs that bore messages of love and support for Princess Catherine, who has been battling cancer.
Among them was a young girl, her sign simple yet powerful, reading, “Send our love to Kate.” This touching display led to Queen Camilla speaking directly to the girls.
The Queen Consort, embodying grace and compassion, engaged with the group, ensuring that their heartfelt messages would reach Princess Catherine.
Queen Camilla remarked that Princess Catherine would be “thrilled” with the signs, a statement that not only acknowledged their efforts but also bridged the gap between the royal family and the public. Taking the signs from the group, she promised to deliver them to Princess Catherine. The girls were sisters Lois, six, and Harriet, ten.
The promise to transport their letters “carefully” for the Princess was made amidst apologies from Harriet about the cards’ slightly creased condition, a result of the day’s blustery wind. “I’ll take them carefully and will make sure she knows they’re coming,” the Queen responded, her voice carrying the weight of assurance and comfort.
Following this encounter, Harriet shared, “We heard the news and I wanted to hold the poster up to show my love to Kate.” Lucy Waterston, the mother of the two girls, expressed her surprise and gratitude towards the Queen’s gesture, highlighting the unexpected but cherished interaction.
This recent unfolding of events sheds light not only on the public’s unwavering support for Princess Catherine in her battle with cancer but also on the evolving relationships within the royal family.

Ingrid Seward, a royal expert and the editor of Majesty Magazine, provided exclusive insights to the Mirror, revealing the deepening bond between Queen Camilla and Prince William against the backdrop of this adversity.
“Camilla is as stoic as she is forgiving,” Seward noted, emphasizing the Queen Consort’s capacity for compassion and resilience. The diagnosis of Princess Catherine’s illness has served as a catalyst, bringing her closer to William.
Previously, Prince William had harbored intense disapproval of Queen Camilla. As Queen Camilla interacts with the public, William, Kate, and their children are doing the opposite at their country home, Anmer hall.
In the serene landscapes of Norfolk, England, a story of resilience and private retreat unfolds, as Prince William and Princess Catherine, known affectionately as Kate, prepare to spend their Easter break away from the public eye at their country home, Anmer Hall.
The couple, joined by their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, has opted for the tranquility of their Norfolk residence over the traditional Easter service in Windsor. Anmer Hall, a Georgian mansion nestled in the lush landscapes of Norfolk, stands as a testament to the couple’s love story, gifted by the late Queen Elizabeth II as a wedding present.
This 10-bedroom sanctuary, built in 1802, has been the backdrop for the family’s most intimate moments, away from the relentless gaze of public life.
The mansion, which has undergone several renovations, the most recent in 2021 costing a reported £1.5 million, offers the Wales family a retreat to focus on recovery and togetherness in these trying times.
Norfolk has provided a backdrop for the family to live a life marked by moments of normalcy and privacy. The region’s peaceful environment and friendly people make it an ideal place for the royals to raise their children, far from the prying eyes of the media.
Local establishments, from the J.E. Howard butcher shop to the Church Farm bed and breakfast, have become part of the fabric of their daily lives, offering a glimpse into a world away from royal duties and public engagements.

Queen Camilla has been the face for the family over the last couple of months, attending royal engagements in place of other family members. However, it has not always been easy for the Queen Consort.
Even up to the time of Queen Camilla’s marriage to Prince Charles, both Prince William and Prince Harry had expressed their reservations, pleading with their father to reconsider. However, King Charles III remained steadfast in his decision. The current circumstances have illuminated Queen Camilla’s indispensable role within the monarchy and her family.
Her unwavering cheerfulness and open-heartedness, according to Seward, are precisely what the monarchy and the country need at this juncture. William’s recognition of Queen Camilla’s efforts to maintain calm, both within the royal family and across the nation, underscores a newfound appreciation and gratitude towards her.
Queen Camilla’s proactive approach in keeping not only King Charles III but also the country at ease reflects her intrinsic qualities of empathy and leadership. Always seen with a smile, she consistently offers positive updates on both King Charles and her stepdaughter-in-law, becoming a beacon of hope and stability in uncertain times.
Despite past tensions, Queen Camilla is now a beacon of strength for Princess Catherine and Prince William during this difficult period. The news of Princess Catherine’s diagnosis has reverberated through the royal family and among royal watchers, prompting the recalibration of the family’s Easter plans.
Instead of attending the high-profile Easter church service, the Wales family will embrace the solace of Anmer Hall, leveraging the healing power of privacy and the natural beauty surrounding them.
This decision underscores a profound moment of unity and support within the family, as they navigate through Princess Catherine’s treatment and recovery process.
A Kensington Palace spokesperson conveyed the collective spirit of resilience, stating, “The Princess will return to official duties when she is cleared to do so by her medical team. She is in good spirits and is focused on making a full recovery.”
In the wake of this news, the couple was seen boarding a helicopter, marking their departure to Anmer Hall. This visual, captured against the backdrop of Windsor, epitomizes the journey ahead for the family — one of hope, healing, and privacy.
The stunning Georgian mansion, with its rich history and serene environment, offers an ideal setting for the Princess to focus on her health, surrounded by her loved ones.
Princess Catherine’s connection to Norfolk extends beyond the walls of Anmer Hall. Throughout her time in the region, she has been a familiar face in the local community, visiting businesses and engaging with residents in a manner that reflects her down-to-earth nature.
From browsing at the Grapes Gallery in Snettisham to unnoticed visits to the Spar supermarket, Princess Catherine’s presence in Norfolk has always been marked by a sense of normalcy and warmth.
Local business owners, like Rob Kerr of Grapes Gallery, fondly recall encounters with Princess Catherine, highlighting her approachable demeanor. “She didn’t come across as the type of person who would expect people to say anything like that to her anyway. She was very down to earth,” Kerr shares.
This sentiment is echoed throughout the community, with residents and business owners alike cherishing the moments they’ve shared with the Wales family.

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