Princess Anne, 73, Dazzles in Emerald Outfit & Red Lipstick on Easter, Sparking Mixed Reactions: Photos

British royal fashion takes center stage on online platforms once again as Princess Anne’s unique choice of attire for an Easter holiday service divides opinions. Admirers laud her timeless elegance while critics debate the “old fashioned” style.
In the grand tradition of royal Easter celebrations, Princess Anne, 73, captured the public’s gaze and ignited a flurry of online commentary with her appearance at the Easter Mattins Service at St George’s Chapel, alongside the King and Queen of England and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

For the occasion, the Princess opted for a striking mint green coat, which she elegantly accessorized with a brooch on the collar, brown leather gloves, and distinctive brown suede boots with tassel adornments. Her ensemble was completed with a unique dark green hat with black fluffy detailing, a brown purse, and red lipstick.

The choice of attire—particularly marked by its vintage overtones—has stirred a mix of admiration and critique among royal watchers and fashion commentators alike. “Actually, she looks a bit rough, and the hat doesn’t really match,” asserted a social media user, while another expressed, “The green is NOT flattering. Quite the opposite. Looks like the grim reaper’s grandmother […] Shameful.”

Further criticisms followed, with someone else commenting, “She is so old fashioned [and] looks years older than her age. Dated hairstyle and frumpy. Could do with a makeover.” Another added, “The color is awful. It looks like a factory worker uniform from the 1950s.”
Conversely, others complimented Princess Anne’s distinctive look and praised her as a person. One fan wrote, “Very elegant,” and another gushed, “Princess Anne at Easter Loving her hat & those boots!❤️.”
Another enthusiast admired, “The smile, the hat… Princess Anne is absolutely adorable. A great look ❤️ Happy Easter!” Someone else swooned, “Oh sweet Princess Anne!! I just love her!! She’s adorable!! And I love the mint green & brown. And I love her brooch placement on her collar today!! ”
Beyond the immediate reactions to her fashion, Princess Anne’s demeanor at the event spoke volumes about her role within the royal family. Amid the King’s ongoing health challenge, Princess Anne and her brother Prince Edward’s presence was a testament to their unwavering support.
Body language expert Judi James highlighted the Princess’s protective nature towards her brother, King Charles III, noting the royal family’s message of “resilience, unity, and upbeat strength.” Her warm smile and engaging demeanor with the public and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, radiated a sense of warmth, thankfulness, and reassurance amid her family’s recent health woes.
Drawing back to what she chose to wear for the service, Princess Anne’s fashion choices reflect not just personal taste but a lifelong commitment to her public role and personal ethos. Known for her practical approach to wardrobe management, she has been an advocate for sustainability long before it became a global trend.
Her fashion highlights timeless elegance, an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, and the value of re-wearing and recycling garments. The avid equestrian—a penchant she shares with her late mother, Queen Elizabeth II—who is known for supporting charities like Riders for Health, the Horse Trust, and World Horse Welfare, adopts a practical yet elegant style, embodying a blend of royal duty and personal passion.
Edward Enninful, editor of British Vogue, once described her as a “true style icon,” praising her timeless fashion sense and her ability to wear a tailored suit better than anyone else he could think of. He also previously highlighted her foresight in sustainable fashion, citing, “Princess Anne […] was all about sustainable fashion before the rest of us really knew what that meant.”
Princess Anne’s Easter appearance, with its vintage charm and the varied responses it elicited, stands as a focal point for discussions on royal fashion, sustainability, and the evolving expectations of modern royalty. While opinions on her outfit may vary, the underlying narrative of resilience, support, and timeless elegance remains a testament to her enduring influence within the royal family and her commitment to a life of public service.
As we previously reported on March 29, 2024, Queen Camilla, who joined Princess Anne at the recent Easter service event, was previously spotted in an outfit that, like Princess Anne’s Easter ensemble, garnered strong reactions from social media users.

In a fashion statement that has since lit up social media platforms, Queen Camilla, 76, recently made headlines and spurred discussions with her latest public appearance. Stepping in for her husband, King Charles III, the Queen of England attended a significant event at Worcester Cathedral.
While there, she partook in the traditional presentation of Maundy Money to 150 individuals in recognition of their service to local communities. However, it was not just the ceremony that captured public attention; it was Queen Camilla’s choice of attire that became the center of conversation.
Clad in a leopard print chiffon dress covered by a cream cashmere coat—both designed by Fiona Clare—Queen Camilla’s ensemble was the epitome of royal grace mixed with contemporary fashion sense. The outfit was complemented by £195 dressage knee-high suede boots from Russell & Bromley.

As described online, the boots are an elegant iteration of the popular equestrian-inspired knee-high boot, crafted in Italy from the finest smooth camel suede. These boots—characterized by their sleek style, subtle stitched seam, soft almond toe, and suede-wrapped block heel—underscored a sense of regal sophistication.
Adding to her ensemble, the Queen donned a furry hat from Lock & Co. and wore two gold and sapphire flower brooches pinned on each side of her coat’s collar, heirlooms that once belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II. Her attire was rounded off with dark brown leather gloves and a dark-colored, stylish Moynat handbag, retailing at $3,500 on Sotheby’s online store.

As images and videos of the Queen at the event circulated online, social media users did not hold back in voicing their opinions. Many people were unimpressed with the Queen’s look, expressing their dislike for what she wore. One social media user criticized, “She is soo thrifty.. Buy a new hat,” while another exasperatedly stated, “Why does she always spoil her outfit with BOOTS!”
Another pondered, “Why does she wear the same hat (sometimes a different color)???” and someone else even went so far as to deem her “the bag lady.” However, amongst the vitriol, some people complimented Queen Camilla’s style. One fan praised, “Love the ensemble” and another gushed, “The Queen looked fabulous.”
Despite the fashion furor and commentary, what remains a focal point of the story is the significance of the event. The official Instagram page for the King and Queen of England shed light on the contextual background of the special occasion.

In one of their captions accompanying the pictures they shared of the event, they explained, “Maundy Thursday commemorates Jesus sharing the Last Supper with his disciples and commanding them to ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ The tradition of the Monarch or their representative presenting alms on Maundy Thursday goes back to 1213.”
Queen Camilla’s recent appearance at Worcester Cathedral serves as a reminder of the unique intersection between royal tradition and contemporary fashion. From the mixed reactions sparked by her fashion choices, it’s clear that Queen Camilla’s style, whether lauded or criticized, remains an undeniable aspect of how she is viewed by the public, which then draws attention back to the evolving image of the British monarchy.

As previously reported on March 28, 2024, before attending the event at Worcester Cathedral, Queen Camilla was seen at a farmer’s market in Shrewsbury where she spoke about cancer-stricken Kate Middleton for the first time.
At a quaint farmer’s market in Shrewsbury, Queen Camilla, aged 76, recently embarked on a visit that would leave an indelible mark on the hearts of many. The Queen Consort, greeted with the warmth and admiration that accompanies her title, navigated through the market, an event that turned into much more than a mere public appearance.

As she strolled amongst the stalls, her presence ignited a fervor among those gathered, with fans eagerly holding up signs, their messages a blend of welcome and goodwill. The air buzzed with the sound of voices calling out to the Queen Consort as she wandered through the market.
Among the sea of signs and well-wishers, a particularly poignant moment unfolded as Queen Camilla approached a group of young girls, their hands clasping signs that bore messages of love and support for Princess Catherine, who has been battling cancer. Among them was a young girl, her sign simple yet powerful, reading, “Send our love to Kate.” This touching display led to Queen Camilla speaking directly to the girls.

The Queen Consort, embodying grace and compassion, engaged with the group, ensuring that their heartfelt messages would reach Princess Catherine. Queen Camilla remarked that Princess Catherine would be “thrilled” with the signs, a statement that not only acknowledged their efforts but also bridged the gap between the royal family and the public. Taking the signs from the group, she promised to deliver them to Princess Catherine. The girls were sisters Lois, six, and Harriet, ten.
The promise to transport their letters “carefully” for the Princess was made amidst apologies from Harriet about the cards’ slightly creased condition, a result of the day’s blustery wind. “I’ll take them carefully and will make sure she knows they’re coming,” the Queen responded, her voice carrying the weight of assurance and comfort.

Following this encounter, Harriet shared, “We heard the news and I wanted to hold the poster up to show my love to Kate.” Lucy Waterston, the mother of the two girls, expressed her surprise and gratitude towards the Queen’s gesture, highlighting the unexpected but cherished interaction.
This recent unfolding of events sheds light not only on the public’s unwavering support for Princess Catherine in her battle with cancer but also on the evolving relationships within the royal family. Ingrid Seward, a royal expert and the editor of Majesty Magazine, provided exclusive insights to the Mirror, revealing the deepening bond between Queen Camilla and Prince William against the backdrop of this adversity.
“Camilla is as stoic as she is forgiving,” Seward noted, emphasizing the Queen Consort’s capacity for compassion and resilience. The diagnosis of Princess Catherine’s illness has served as a catalyst, bringing her closer to William, who had harbored intense disapproval of Queen Camilla in the past.

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