If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, Pay Close Attention

Amid the challenges of modern life, including the rising cost of living and the constant demands of work, it is crucial to remain vigilant and prioritize our safety in high-risk situations. One such scenario involves a creative car theft strategy that has gained notoriety globally.

Thieves have developed a low-tech yet effective method to mark targeted vehicles for potential theft. This alarming strategy, initially reported in Limpopo, South Africa, has since surfaced in the United States and beyond.

The thieves’ approach involves placing a plastic water bottle on one of the car’s wheels as a covert signal. The driver may not notice the bottle initially, especially if it’s positioned on the front passenger side wheel. As the driver accelerates, the empty plastic bottle emits a distinct crackling sound.

The intention is to prompt the driver to pull over and investigate the source of the noise. This creates an opportune moment for the car thief to strike. They can either steal the vehicle if the engine is running and the owner is outside, or they can seize valuable items left in the car, such as phones or wallets.

To protect against this tactic, drivers are advised to take a moment before entering their vehicles to inspect the wheels. If a water bottle is found wedged between the tire and the frame, it could be a signal. In such a situation, drivers should refrain from investigating and immediately call 911, providing specific details about their location and vehicle.

Sharing this information can raise awareness and help others stay vigilant against this emerging car theft strategy. Prioritizing personal safety in these situations is paramount.

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