Kelly Osbourne, 39, Debuts Silver Hair, Ditching Her Iconic Purple Locks: Pics of New Look That Split Fans

Kelly Osbourne has moved on from her iconic purple hair, embracing a striking silver hue instead. Revealing her new look through recent photos, Osbourne has ignited a debate among her fans. While some praise her for daring to redefine her style, others question the decision to replace the signature purple.

Kelly Osbourne loves to be anything but ordinary as seen in her choices of hair color. Osbourne set the pace for other celebs such as Nicole Richie and Ireland Baldwin to dye their hair after dyeing her own do.
The TV personality, who gave the purple hair trend a chance, has ditched her iconic hair color. Osbourne widely recognized for her fearless fashion choices and dynamic hair transformations, recently took to Instagram to unveil her latest style evolution, a stunning silver hair color.

Moving away from her signature vibrant purple, Osbourne’s shift to silver hair marks yet another bold statement in her journey of self-expression and individuality.
In a serene and intimate moment captured for her Instagram followers, The TV personality was seen sitting by the window, draped in a robe, the soft light accentuating her newly transformed long, wavy, and subtly curly silver hair.

With her fingers gently weaving through her locks, Kelly Osbourne displayed a profound affection for her new hairstyle. This tender gesture underscored her deep connection to and satisfaction with her latest transformation. Accompanying this visually poetic scene, she teasingly inquired of her audience, “Did you hear I have a new look?

The TV personality’s fans were quick to respond, expressing their admiration for her new look. One fan exclaimed, “Love the Blonde!” Another supporter wrote, “Gorgeous in and out, welcome to the silver club ❤️ just beautiful on you ❌.”
Echoing the sentiment, another fan concurred, “I love this color on you. It looks sooooooo much better than the other.” The outpouring of positivity and support highlighted the fans’ appreciation for the TV personality’s choice.

Still, amidst the praise for her new blonde look, there were some who expressed their fondness for her iconic purple style. “That looks good but I love the purple,” one user disagreed. Another echoed this sentiment, saying, “Loved the purple so much .”

Asserting the significance of her previous style, another user chimed in, “But purple is iconic.” However, not everyone was won over by the silver transformation, as one user bluntly stated, “Not a good look imo,” showcasing the diversity of opinions among fans.

Osbourne’s dedication to blazing her own trail has paid off as fans love how she plays around with her hair color. The TV personality acknowledged, “Basically my color has become me. The first time I dyed it and looked in the mirror, I saw myself and I felt like me.”

She declared that she’ll never be a natural, normal, or simple girl. Recounting a comment that stung deeply, Osbourne said someone had called her “beige,” which she found profoundly insulting.

When Osbourne debuted her iconic purple hair, she was asked about her thoughts on witnessing other girls confidently wearing the same shade. The TV personality expressed wholehearted support. She emphasized that she was not the type of person to claim ownership over the color, asserting that it had simply become intertwined with her identity.

In 2014, Osbourne posted a photo on Instagram showcasing her latest hair transformation, a bob with shaved sides. She clarified that her decision to change her hairstyle stemmed from feeling too “sedate” with her previous bob.

Although she appreciated the bob style, she couldn’t shake the feeling that it made her seem like the type of person who would pick up her child from soccer practice in a 15-passenger van. Interestingly, the transition to a bob wasn’t deliberate. A mishap occurred when a stylist mistakenly used the wrong combination of hair dyes, causing chunks of her hair to fall out.

Rather than feeling dismayed, Osbourne welcomed the opportunity to explore new looks. She described her desired aesthetic as “Alien chic meets mental patient that’s just had electroshock therapy,” with a particular focus on resembling someone with burned-off hair at the sides.

Despite the unconventional style, the TV personality expressed a desire for further experimentation. She contemplated making the shaved portion even more prominent and shorter. However, Osbourne appreciated the versatility of the hairstyle, noting that she could easily conceal it when she needed to appear more conventional by flipping her hair forward.

Osbourne is far from conventional when it comes to her hair, consistently experimenting with fun styles and colors that break the mold. Her fearless approach to personal style, underscored by a willingness to explore the spectrum of hair colors and styles, solidifies her reputation as an icon of self-expression in the fashion world.

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