Barbra Streisand Shows Off ‘So Handsome’ 57-Year-Old Lookalike Son, Sparking a Stir

In a touching moment that beautifully captures the bond between a mother and her son, Barbra Streisand recently took to social media to share a proud maternal moment. Fans quickly responded to her Facebook post praising both the iconic songstress and her son.

Barbara Streisand recently posted a photo of her son, Jason Gould, on what appears to be his new album cover. The photo elegantly showcases Gould standing against a wall, his leg bent in a relaxed pose, as he offers a warm smile towards the camera. Overlaid on the image are the words “Sacred Days.”
Streisand accompanied the photo with a heartfelt caption: “My darling son Jason has a new record out today. Check it out on iTunes. I am so proud of you Jason!!!! Mom ❤️.” She also included a link, directing her followers to discover the song for themselves.The post soon led to many fan reactions.
The reaction from Streisand’s fans to this tender mother-son moment was swift and overwhelmingly positive. Many took to the comments section to express their admiration not just for Streisand but for Gould as well. One fan eloquently stated, “The handsome apple doesn’t fall far from the superstar mom tree,” while others simply marveled at Gould’s good looks with comments like “so handsome” and “Like Mother….. Like Son.”

These reactions underscore a shared sentiment among Streisand’s followers: both mother and son are not only incredibly talented but also share a striking familial resemblance. Furthermore, several fans mentioned that listening to Gould’s song gave them chills, a testament to his musical prowess.
This blend of talent and familial bond has not gone unnoticed, as fans continue to celebrate the unique artistic legacy that runs within this family. Streisand, in her public and private moments, has often shared the profound impact of motherhood and her journey with her son. Learning she was pregnant was a shock to her, a moment of unexpected joy that came after years of self-doubt.

“The news was a shock. Elliott and I had lived together since I was nineteen, and now I was about to turn twenty‑four. For years I had honestly thought there was something wrong with me, because I had never gotten pregnant. Having a baby seemed like something for other women, not for me,” Streisand reflected.
Despite the inevitable spotlight that comes with being Streisand’s son, Jason Gould has maintained a certain distance from the glare of fame. He once admitted, “I sort of like being out of the spotlight,” a sentiment that resonates with many who find themselves in similar circumstances. Gould, who came out as gay in the ’80s, has navigated both the personal and professional aspects of his life with a quiet dignity and strength.
On the topic of dating as a gay man with a mother who is considered a gay icon, Gould shared, “Ha. Well, dating is challenging, period, isn’t it? But I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin now. It’s hard to tell what other people may know or not know, or project, or assume about you. All I can do is be myself.”
The pressure of having a famous mother like Streisand could easily overshadow one’s own endeavors, yet Gould has managed to carve out his own path in the world of music. “The pressure of being compared, or judged is something I recognize I have no control over. And ultimately, I have to be authentic, so no matter who my mother is, it doesn’t really matter in the end,” he explained. However, Gould acknowledged that every person was a product of their parents. This sense of individuality and authenticity has guided Gould through his journey in the arts, a path that was not always straightforward for him.

Gould’s artistic journey is a compelling narrative of self-discovery and expression. “I was kind of a repressed kid; a lot of us shy folks go into the arts to express ourselves,” he said, reflecting on his early years. Music has always been a part of Gould’s life, a constant presence that shaped his creative expression.
“As a child, I was always a kid who would sit at the keyboard and come up with little melodies, but I never knew how to develop them into a full-fledged song. I would have pieces of melodies. And I never even attempted to write lyrics, until maybe a little over 10 years ago, but it’s always been a part of me,” Gould shared.
The revelation of Gould’s musical talent came in an almost serendipitous manner when Streisand overheard him singing through his bedroom door at the age of 15. This moment marked a turning point for Gould, who had long harbored reservations about embracing his musical talents due to the immense legacy of his mother. He shared that it was part of him he was afraid to explore because his mother was an icon in the music world. He didn’t want to be compared to his mother, so he hid his musical side from the world for a long time.

Yet, it is clear that music and the arts were destined to be a part of Gould’s life, a calling that he could not ignore. The powerful vibration of music, as he puts it, has been a guiding force, a source of inspiration and expression that has allowed him to carve out his own space in the world of music.

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