Woman Sees Husband With Their Nanny In

Sarah and her family were having dinner when her husband, Arnold, received a work call, disrupting their meal. Later, at a basketball game, Sarah spotted Arnold on the “Kiss Cam” with their former nanny.

Feeling suspicious after Arnold claimed to be at work, Sarah decided to uncover the truth. At home, Sarah struggled to get their son, Adam, to eat while Arnold was distracted by his phone.

Arnold rushed off to work, citing a big project deadline, leaving Sarah and Adam disappointed. They watched the game together, and Adam noticed Arnold with the nanny in the crowd. Sarah tried to dismiss it but felt uneasy.

Later, she saw a text from Arnold claiming to be at work. Suspicious, Sarah messaged the nanny for her birthday, pretending to send a gift. When she got a response, Sarah staked out the nanny’s house and witnessed Arnold’s affectionate reunion with her.

Feeling betrayed, Sarah impulsively bought a gun and confronted Arnold and the nanny at their home. When the gun didn’t fire, the police arrived and arrested her. In court, Sarah received a 20-year sentence for attempted murder. As she was taken away, she feared she might never see her son again.

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