‘You Lose Dignity’: Nicole Kidman, 56, Faces Criticism for Flaunting Her Curves in Black Lingerie

Images have been released from Nicole Kidman’s latest Elle interview and photoshoot. However, the Oscar winner’s look didn’t sit well with everyone, becoming her second criticized look in a short time.
The interview gave insight into some of the actress’ hardest onscreen emotions, among other things, while Nicole Kidman also posed for her most daring photoshoot to date.
While Kidman’s artistic choices continue to push boundaries, they also spark varied reactions from the public. As the photoshoot images hit the internet, people on social media voiced their opinions about her outfits and how she looked.

“Yuk…should be ashamed of herself,” a fan voiced his discontent at seeing her in a Dolce & Gabbana bra, brief, jacket, and garter. “Why do this! You lose dignity as a serious actress!”
Kidman’s images were also called “undignified,” and for trying to be “racy and compete with the younger versions.”
Other photos showing off Kidman’s well-defined muscles in barely-there lingerie from the interview also received a fair amount of criticism but also praise.

“No, just no. I like her but trying way too hard,” a Facebook user opined as Kidman is shown laying down on a $7,950 faux fur coat, dressed in a Fleur du Mal bodysuit and $4,290 Balenciaga pantaleggings.
While others thought it was “so sad to see her like this,” not everyone had something negative to say about her look.
“She is absolute perfection!” mused a fan. “ wow!” wrote an Instagram user. “Those outfits, omg!” gushed another.
While Kidman “loved gracing the cover” of Elle, her focus is on connection, whether it’s work-related or not. Sometimes, connecting with something can be emotionally challenging, but it’s the kind of work that draws Kidman in.

During her interview with the publication, Kidman shared that she faced her most daunting emotional onscreen work in “Expats.”
“I’m fortunate that I’ve got a job where I get to explore emotional landscapes that are heavy, strange, extraordinary, bizarre, beautiful, deep,” Kidman said of the Amazon series she co-executive produced. “I don’t shy away from them, partly because I’m committed to examining life, what it means to be alive and feel.”
With that exploration came professional success made so much sweeter by her supportive husband, Keith Urban, and their daughters Faith and Sunday.

“There’s something about it where you go, ‘Oh look, I earned this for the family.’ That makes it fun. That gives it meaning and gives it a joy,” Kidman explained.
The family of four are also an active part of their community in Tennessee, where they find fulfillment in helping it become a better place. From buying diapers for a donation drive, to visiting children’s hospitals, she wants to bring people together and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“I like being a part of something not about my work, not about who I am, none of that. Just a citizen who’s in the world. And my kids love that, too, when I do that,” the actress elaborated.
Kidman’s recent interview showed that she likes stepping away from her high-profile life when possible, but social media users will always have something to say about her appearance. Shortly before the actress’s interview with Elle, her look also caused a flood of comments.
As we previously reported on January 22, Nicole Kidman, 56, posed in a revealing backless dress with a high slit, and it sparked criticism for not being feminine.
Hollywood star Nicole Kidman, 56, caused an online buzz with her sleek black dress that left little to the imagination. Kidman, who was attending Prime Video’s premiere of her series “Expats,” adorned a figure-hugging backless dress that had a high slit and revealed a lot of skin on each side of her body.
She paired her look with sparkling silver jewelry designed by Roberto Coin and rose-tinted makeup and left her hair loose. When the public saw photos of Kidman rocking her Atelier Versace dress, they had plenty to say.
Many criticized Kidman for how she looked. One social media user stated: “Not elegant at all… very disappointed with her choice. In her age, this is not the way to dress up.” Another user said: “Not feminine.”
Someone else who expressed concern for the “Eyes Wide Shut” star commented: “Omg, she is too thin; I love this woman and wish her the best, [I] just worry about her ❤️.” Another person rudely remarked: “Showing her age for certain and looking plastic.”

Despite the backlash from some, others praised Kidman’s outfit, citing that “the gown is beautiful” and that her “beauty is only matched by the stupendous Versace dress.” Another complimented: “This is the best I[‘ve] ever seen in a long time.”
Regardless of what people had to say, Kidman was and still is revered as a fashionista in show business. Something that her mom, Janelle, and grandmother inspired: “I grew up as a little girl with a grandmother that loved fashion and could sew and my mother the same…I watched them sew, embroider, and knit, crochet. And I think when you grow up seeing the people in your household do that, then you love that.”

Even in recent times, Kidman says that her mother is still involved in her dressing process when finding something to wear for events. The doting mom and wife also previously mentioned: “I’ve always been drawn to fashion, mainly classic lines with a twist; but edginess is something I don’t shy away from.”
Nicole Kidman also spoke about being lucky in the fashion industry, as she had already garnered many designer contacts who became her friends when she was very young and had just moved to the US.
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