I Called My Late Wife’s Number and Surprisingly Someone Picked up the Phone

After my wife Kate passed away, I called her number a lot just to hear her voice on the answering machine. One day, I thought I heard her say something unexpected. It was a normal Sunday, but everything felt different without her. The café we used to visit was full of memories of her. I called her number again, hoping to hear her voice. I missed her a lot.

Kate’s funeral was hard for me. She died in a car accident, and I couldn’t believe she was gone. But I had people supporting me, like her twin sister Amanda and her husband Kyle. They were my family now.

One day, at the café, I met Carmen, who didn’t know Kate had passed away. She told me she had been trying to call Kate’s old number at their family country house. She gave me the number, and I called it. Surprisingly, someone picked up, and I heard Kate’s voice saying something strange. I called Amanda to tell her what happened, and she thought it might be my grief messing with me.

I decided to visit the country house to see if there was any explanation. It was abandoned, but I found signs that someone had been there recently. Confused, I went to Amanda and Kyle’s house to find some answers. They were packing, getting ready to take Amanda to a clinic in Israel for her health.

As I talked to Amanda, I noticed some strange things that made me suspicious. When I left their house, I found shoe prints that matched the ones in the country house. It felt like something wasn’t right.

Later, I found out shocking news from the detective investigating Kate’s death. Kate’s car had been tampered with, and I was a suspect. There were also suspicious things about Kate’s life insurance policy, which had been changed to benefit Amanda. I couldn’t believe it.

Back at home, I found evidence that Kate knew about an affair I had with Amanda. It seemed like she had planned something before her death. With Detective Johnson’s help, I confronted Kate, who was pretending to be Amanda at the bank. It turned out she and Kyle had planned everything to get rid of Amanda, take the insurance money, and frame me.

Justice was served, but it was hard to come to terms with everything that had happened. My life would never be the same again.

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