Mother Asks Internet For Help After Finding Mysterious Piles of ‘Brown Bits’ In Daughter’s Bedroom

Kelli Tarin moved into a new rental home in west Texas with her family. Soon after, she noticed strange piles of brown bits in her daughter’s room. Perplexed, she turned to the Homemaking Tips Facebook group for help.

Posting a photo of the mysterious piles, Tarin described them as resembling coffee grounds and expressed her confusion. The post garnered lots of attention, with people offering various suggestions to solve the mystery.

Some advised setting up cameras to monitor the room, while others speculated about termites or rat poop. Despite contacting pest control companies, the problem persisted.

Tarin updated the group, explaining that even pest control experts were baffled by the piles. She ruled out pests like bats, roaches, and mice, as the piles didn’t match their droppings.

Then, a comment caught her eye: someone mentioned finding similar brown bits inside their child’s broken lavender bear. Tarin checked her daughter’s toys and discovered a lavender bear with a hole in it.

To her surprise, the bear contained small beads that spilled out, resembling the mysterious brown bits. She laughed in relief, realizing it was just the bear’s filling.

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