Pamela Anderson, 56, Poses with Her Grown-Up Son on the Red Carpet, Sparking a Stir over Her Hairdo

In a stunning display of simplicity and familial connection, Pamela Anderson, 56, graced the red carpet of the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party with a precious companion—her grown-up son, Brandon Thomas Lee.

The event—known for its dazzle and Tinseltown sheen—was illuminated further by the presence of this mother-son duo, who were dressed impeccably, yet sparked conversations that went far beyond their choice of attire.

Pamela and Brandon quickly became the talk of the town, with public reactions forming a spectrum of opinions. While Brandon received universal praise for his suave looks, which echoed the charismatic legacy of his father, Tommy Lee, Pamela’s choice to present herself in a natural, unadorned state sparked a flurry of mixed commentary, especially where her hairstyle was concerned.

“She didn’t even get her hair done?!” alerted one social media user, while another asserted, “It’s like she’s purposely trying to look dowdy!” Someone else wrote, “I applaud her ‘natural’ look…But there are natural makeup products…Hair? Be polite, fix up [the] hair a little better?”

Some responses were more critical, highlighting the contrast between the “Barb Wire” star’s iconic image and her current appearance. “She has spent her whole career trying to be glamorous. To see her looking like this is shocking, to say the least. She’s ready to go shopping down at the Walmart,” expressed a user.

However, amidst the divided opinions on Pamela’s look, there was a consensus on Brandon’s appeal, with admirers noting, “They made handsome kids,” and gushing, “Her son is so handsome .” Many also marveled at the striking resemblance between Brandon—who also shared pictures of the event on his Instagram—and Tommy, with comments like “Brandon looks a lot like his dad,” and “He looks like [his] dad but a better-looking version.”

Though there were many comments expressing dislike for Pamela’s choice to opt for a casual and less glammed-up look, her embrace of a more natural look is not a spur-of-the-moment decision but a reflection of her evolving perspective on beauty and self-presentation.
Additionally, people online have not been the only ones who wish Pamela would invest in a glam team as she admitted that her sons and agents have requested the same of her. However, in response, Pamela clarified, “I know how to put a dress on myself. I don’t need someone buttoning up my blouse. I got this.”
Her statement illustrates her preference for simplicity over the orchestrated glamor that once defined her public image. This shift aligns with her desire to present herself authentically, challenging the expectations and norms that have long influenced her life in the spotlight.

Pamela Anderson has not been the only one to be open about reclaiming her narrative as Brandon has also shared insights into who his mom really is. While talking about the documentary he produced about Pamela’s life—”Pamela, A Love Story”—Brandon disclosed, “She isn’t a creation. And now people know that she’s just this nice, small town girl who wants to relax with her dogs and hang out in her garden.”

His portrayal of Pamela as “a great protector, and a great mom,” who ensured her presence in his life through contractual agreements that allowed her to attend his sports games, practices, and significant events, speaks volumes about her commitment and love as a mother.

Brandon’s insight further enriches the understanding of Pamela, not just as a public figure, but as a person whose priorities reflect her deep love for her family, which includes her other son, Dylan Jagger Lee.

Given what has been shared by her loving son, it’s no wonder that Pamela and Brandon’s appearances at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party transcend mere fashion choices and highlight a more profound commentary on authenticity, family bonds, and the courage to defy conventional expectations.

As previously reported on December 29, 2023:
Beauty icon Pamela Anderson, known for her iconic bleached blonde tresses, appeared with gray hair in a recent video posted to Instagram. Anderson, in a paid partnership with a laundry detergent brand called The Laundress, was seen with a fresh face devoid of makeup and had her gray locks pulled into a messy bun.
The Hollywood “It” girl wore a flowing white dress as she did laundry. Far from seeing the action as a chore, Anderson believes the activity is soothing and meditative.

When the public saw the video of the 56-year-old, who has been dyeing her hair blonde since she was young, they gushed over her appearance. One fan who was particularly impressed by what they saw gave props to Anderson for not shying away from the natural process of getting older and said, “I love how she is embracing aging.”

Other fans could not stop swooning over the “Barb Wire” star’s stunning looks and expressed, “She is so beautiful .” Another praised, “Amazingly beautiful .”
Her recent appearance in this Instagram video is not the first time the “Baywatch” beauty has been seen rocking a stripped-down and natural look. In fact, most of her appearances, including the ones she did for her book tour, have been free of makeup.

Anderson said that in the past, she didn’t have much input concerning how she looked and just went along with what other people told her to do. With the passing of her favorite makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, Anderson felt it would be best to stop wearing makeup.

Of her new look, which she said has been “freeing, and fun, and a little rebellious” and embracing the change that comes with aging, Anderson divulged, “I think we all start looking a little funny when we get older. And I’m kind of laughing at myself when I look at the mirror.”

Pamela Anderson ended her statement by expressing that she finds herself in a good place in her life. The journey of embracing her new look has been a happy one.

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