Man Wants to Leave His Wife after Finding Her Hidden Bag in the Closet

A man took to the internet for advice when he found something his wife had been hiding. She tried to pretend it was not what he thought of at first but finally relented and told him the truth.

A Reddit user recently took to the platform to share a conflict that had arisen between him and his wife. The man divulged that his house garage was covered in mold, and because he and his wife of five years were planning to start a family, he wanted to get rid of it.

He began by inspecting their entire home, which meant he cleaned out his wife’s closet. When he did this, he made a discovery that led him to question his wife and their relationship as he knew it.

When the man was cleaning the closet, he found a gym bag filled with clothing, dried fruit, sanitary products, and money. Confused by the discovery, the man asked his wife what it was for.

His wife went pale and told him it was a bag she had packed for an emergency, such as an earthquake or similar catastrophe. The man asked his wife why, if that was the bag’s intended use, she hid it from him.

The couple argued back and forth for a while before the woman finally told her husband it was a “go bag.” The “go bag” is something that women in abusive or dangerous relationships pack so they can flee the situation without their partner finding out until after they’re gone.

The man was confused. He said he had never raised his voice to his wife, and they barely argued. The man questioned his wife on why she believed he would ever turn into an abusive person.

The woman clarified that she did not consider her husband an abuser, but she had packed the bag for her peace of mind. The man did not believe his wife and said he didn’t think that she trusted him.

After the argument, the man took a couple of days to think about the incident and ultimately decided that he did not want to be with a woman who could not trust him or someone who saw him as abusive.

The man asked his wife for a separation as he believed trust was “the foundation” of a relationship and said that if she didn’t trust him, it would be better for them both if they parted ways.

The woman then told her husband that she had been reading forums started by moms online, which influenced her to pack the “go bag” even though she did not consider her husband an abusive person.

After she showed him the forums, the man said he understood his wife’s logic but didn’t feel right about the situation. He agreed to take more time to think about it but said he felt he should divorce her so she could find a man she trusted.

The original post gained much attention, and soon, the man shared an update. The man said statistics should not be applied to his situation as he and his wife were individuals. He also clarified that his wife had never been in an abusive relationship.

The man also said that people giving advice based on what they thought was going on were wrong because they were not being objective about the situation. He once again ended the post by stating that a relationship without trust was not a relationship at all.

The man received many comments on the post, some telling him that he was overreacting by asking for a divorce and others telling him that if his first thought after an argument was to ask for a divorce, then maybe that was what they needed.

Others said the woman should be glad to be rid of her husband if he reacted like this to something that gave her peace of mind. Some others even shared their stories about similar situations.

One reader commented, “I do find it kind of silly that you’re distilling the entirety of your relationship down to something so simple. If my fiancee had a go-bag I wouldn’t care. She has plenty of weird quirks that give her peace of mind over any number of things.”

The reader further advised, “In your shoes I would try going to marital counseling and see if you can get to the root of the issue, because it sounds like you both suck at communicating.”

While this woman didn’t consider her husband an abuser, another woman was in an abusive situation and was saved by a stranger.

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