Chrissy Teigen, 38, Flaunts Enviable Body in Sheer Dress, Igniting Clashing Comments about Her Appearance

In a recent captivating Instagram post, Chrissy Teigen dazzled her followers by sharing a moment from the 2024 Green Carpet Fashion Awards event alongside her husband, John Legend. The model and television personality looked stunning in a black, floor-length dress that perfectly embraced her figure.

The elegant ensemble featured a deep v-neck and sheer material that saw through her core and legs, subtly highlighting her silhouette in a manner that is simple and sophisticated. Teigen opted for a hairstyle that complemented this simplicity, wearing her hair down with a center part.

People left comments such as, “Why is your belly button side eyeing me [sic]?” “Chrissy love I think they forgot to center your belly button when they put it back on,” and “I think Chrissy is beautiful but honestly I hate this dress.” Other comments showed admiration, including, “Glowing!” “Love this look,” and “That dress is beautiful.”

While Teigen undoubtedly looked gorgeous during the event, her journey to this point hasn’t been without its struggles, particularly with her body image post-pregnancy. She has been open about the challenges she faced, especially after experiencing the profound loss of a baby midway through pregnancy in 2021.

Teigen shared her feelings in an Instagram post, noting how such a loss leaves a woman’s body in a state of suspension, unable to proceed with the natural processes expected after childbirth.

She described the physical and emotional stagnation that comes with being reminded of what could have been every time she looked in the mirror, emphasizing the complex layers of grief that accompany such a loss.

“Usually you’d gain your “yumyums I’m praaaagnant!” weight, then put on the weight of your little bebe. Then, ideally, you’d have your baby,” she wrote. “But man. When you lose a baby halfway through, your body just pauses. It has nothing to do. No one to feed. And you’re just…stuck.”
Tiegen admitted that her body’s state left her completely saddened because of the reminder it brings her of her baby’s passing.
Teigen’s appearance took another turn in 2023 when she faced criticism over her weight gain and allegations of excessive cosmetic procedures. In a defiant reply, Teigen addressed a critic on Instagram who insinuated that she got a “new face” due to overfill.

Teigen bluntly clapped back, noting that she had gained weight rather than altering her face through fillers. This incident ignited a flurry of negative comments, with some harshly judging her appearance and moral character.

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