Goldie Hawn’s grandchild is nearly a perfect clone of her famous grandmother.

Kate Hudson and her mother, Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn, are Hollywood’s most famous mother-daughter pair.

These two female stars have graciously passed down their DNA to three children: Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson, and Wyatt Russell, in addition to their beauty.

The likeness between Goldie and her children and grandkids is unconditional.

The similarities between Kate and Goldie are well recognized; nevertheless, they become much more apparent upon seeing Oliver’s daughter Rio.

Despite being only seven years old, her resemblance to Grandmother Goldie is palpable. Check out the astonishing photographs we obtained for more proof of this remarkable resemblance.

On International Women’s Day, Goldie Hawn turned to Instagram to recognize that woman by posting images with her daughter and grandchildren.

Rio, Goldie’s first grandchild, who resembles her famous grandmother, received special attention.

The Hudson/Hawn/Russell family has strong genes that quickly pass down across generations, as evidenced by Rani and Rio’s resemblance to their mother and grandmother.

It’s no surprise that Goldie is so proud of them; they are a lovely family!

Rio’s lovely expression of admiration for her adored grandmother on the red carpet was enough to melt hearts.

Goldie captioned the photo with a message about how happy she was to be escorted by her granddaughter to her Palm Desert event, and many couldn’t help but express their admiration for the two’s friendship.

Many people have commented on Rio’s resemblance to Goldie, underlining their apparent similarities.

Rio enjoys spending time with her grandparents, which all children can connect to and enjoy.

Fortunately, the family is only growing, with Goldie expecting another grandchild in 2021, bringing even more joy.

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