Karma’s Revenge On The Rude Father

A man revealed how he was out for dinner with his current wife while she was still his fiancée. They were joined by his then-fiancée’s father, who mistreated her after divorcing her mother and getting remarried. The original poster’s (OP) father-in-law loved his new children more than his daughter.

He gave her drama over many things. On that fateful day, they were rounding off their dinner outing when his father-in-law offered to pay for everything. OP thought it was a nice gesture, and his then-fiancée asked to take a to-go box of her leftovers, leading her father to reply:
“Well, you’ll just leave them in the fridge, then they’ll just get thrown out.”

The Reddit user defended his partner by telling her father it wasn’t his fridge and to “leave her alone.” At that point, the couple lived together. The parent got upset and demanded that OP not tell him how to raise his daughter, and he responded:
“Then don’t speak to my fiancee that way!”

The older man reacted by throwing the bill and its holder at the OP and said, “FINE!” before ordering him to pay and storming out! He left the couple angry with her, asking OP why he had to start something. The Reddit user paid the bill and waited for the receipt.
Ten minutes passed as they waited; tensions were rising, and her father waited outside, ready to blow up once the couple joined them. OP asked if they could get their bill and leave, but the waiter said they had to wait for the manager.

It turned out that the establishment had a contest where “every bill is a winner.” What usually happened was that winners received a free drink or an appetizer with their next meal. However, in OP’s case, he and his fiancée won the grand prize — a trip for four to Florida!

Karma ensured that the person who paid for the bill got the prize! The second Reddit story that illustrated the power of karma happened to someone a social media platform user knew.

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