‘Wow’: Meghan Markle Debuted Dyed Hair with Red Undertones on Winter Trip with Husband

In a recent Instagram post by High Brow Hippie, Meghan Markle’s hairstylist, the Duchess of Sussex’s stunning new hair color was unveiled. It has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Her hair, described as a “chocolate chestnut brunette,” showcased an exquisite blend of red and golden undertones with a dark overtone.

This shade not only enhances her complexion with a healthy glow during the winter months but also adds a high-power shine to the hair. The captivating photos, taken at the Invictus Games Training Camp, have sparked a wave of admiration among fans, with comments flooding in praising her new look.

One fan exclaimed, “This is the best her hair has ever looked!” while another highlighted the allure of the red undertones, “The red undertones are everything! She’s matching her babies.” The sentiment of awe was succinctly captured with a simple “WOW,” and another admirer noted, “Her hair color is incredible!”
Markle’s hair has played a significant role throughout her life’s journey, embodying more than just a style statement. Her father, Thomas Markle, has shared touching anecdotes from her childhood, revealing the lengths he went to support her. Rising at dawn, he would spend hours helping Markle straighten her hair, ensuring it looked precisely as she desired before school.

This ritual was a labor of love for her father, who, despite his career as an Emmy award-winning lighting director, embraced the role of an amateur hairdresser following the end of his marriage to Markle’s mother. Markle’s relationship with her hair also intersects with her experiences of racism from an early age.

A particularly poignant memory shared by her father recounts a time when, during a cross-country trip, they were unable to find a salon willing to accommodate them due to racial prejudices. This early exposure to racism would mark the beginning of Markle’s journey toward embracing and defining her identity.

Markle’s evolution into the public figure we see today was significantly influenced by her time on “Deal Or No Deal,” where she adopted the glossy look that has become her trademark. Whenever Markle had to do her own hair, she styled it in a sleek bun. Her father fondly recalls Markle’s keen interest in the art of hair and makeup from a young age, nurtured by time spent on set and learning from professionals.

Reflecting on her childhood, Markle has spoken about the complexities of identity and the challenges of fitting into categories. She described that when she was younger, she had curly hair, a freckled face, and pale skin. Her appearance was due to being mixed race, which made it difficult for her to fit in.
Today, as a mother, Markle sees reflections of her own childhood in her son, Archie. A photo that was shared of her at the age of five, cozy in a black hoodie, bears a striking resemblance to Archie at the same age, illustrating the striking resemblance her son bears to her.

As previously reported on February 16:

Recent photographs and videos from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s outing at the Whistler Sliding Centre in British Columbia have ignited a flurry of comments online. The couple, who attended an Invictus Games event focused on skeleton racing, were captured, by the press, in a state of merriment.
At one point during the day, Meghan filmed Prince Harry as he took part in the adrenaline-fueled winter sport. Despite the joyous occasion, some online observers expressed concern over both of their physical appearances.

Remarks ranged from “Harry doesn’t look well” and “He looks so skinny,” to observations about Meghan Markle’s physique, with comments like, “Those legs are scary thin, she can barely stand.” Another observer, noting changes in her facial features, questioned, “Is her nose getting bigger?”
However, amidst the sea of concern, a wave of support also emerged. Many people showered the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with love and admiration. Comments like “They’re so loved and respected for their work ❤️” and “Love them❤️❤️” alongside “I love their love and happiness” showcased a community of followers who look beyond physical appearances to the couple’s contributions and the happiness they share.

Their visit to the Whistler Sliding Centre, a legacy of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, saw the couple engaging with Invictus competitors from around the globe. The event’s highlighted sport, skeleton racing, will feature prominently in the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025.

Known for its requirement of sheer courage, the sport involves competitors sliding headfirst down the world’s fastest ice track on a small sled. Prince Harry himself, who embraced the challenge, reached speeds of about 61.5 m/hour, demonstrating the spirit of Invictus: overcoming adversity through courage and determination.

Described as a death-defying event, skeleton racing requires individuals to slide at 100 mph down an icy track on a sled not much larger than a torso-sized oven tray.
This outing also provided an opportunity for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to showcase their ongoing commitment to fostering a spirit of courage and resilience.
Despite mixed reactions from online viewers regarding their appearances, the essence of their visit remains focused on their unwavering support for the Invictus Games and its athletes.

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