Paul McCartney’s Ex Wife Revealed the ‘Evil Things’ His Daughter Did That Ruined Their Marriage

Following the passing of Linda Eastman, the beloved wife of the iconic musician, Sir Paul McCartney, he found solace in the companionship of Heather Mills, a model and activist. Their love story, which blossomed rapidly, soon became a subject of intense media scrutiny and public fascination.

Mills, a figure of extraordinary courage and tenacity, had already navigated many challenges in her life. Her courage in the aftermath of a life-altering accident that cost her a leg was widely celebrated. However, the media’s portrayal of her changed dramatically after she married McCartney, one of the most beloved figures in the music industry.
The couple exchanged vows in Ireland, in 2002. Mills’ past, which included a traumatic childhood and a stint as a glamour model, was often brought up in the media. Despite her assertions that her modeling career was devoid of any indecency, doubts were cast about the veracity of various aspects of her personal life.

On the eve of their wedding, Channel 4 broadcast a highly critical documentary about Mills, casting a shadow over their joyous occasion. Shortly thereafter, a newspaper erroneously reported that she was under investigation by the Charity Commission for alleged misuse of funds.

This, along with the distasteful jokes about her disability circulating on the internet, added to the strain on their relationship. Accusations surfaced that Mills had persuaded McCartney to alter his appearance and social circle, further fueling the media frenzy.
Mills was bewildered by the negative attention. She attributed it to her marriage to a national treasure and felt that the press, which had once built her up, was now intent on bringing her down.
Their daughter, Beatrice Milly McCartney, named in honor of Mills’ mother, became a bone of contention when journalists insinuated that Mills had borrowed the name from Princess Beatrice. Mills was also held responsible for McCartney’s endeavor to rearrange the song-writing credits in the Beatles’ repertoire, a goal McCartney had harbored since 1976.
In due course, McCartney penned an open letter to the press, debunking numerous allegations leveled against his wife. However, by this time, their marriage was already navigating choppy waters. Mills said, “Paul used to describe us as the ‘odd couple.’ He said we were odd because he was so much older than me, and because I had a disability. But Paul’s age was never an issue for me, and I don’t regard being an amputee as odd.”

In a 2003 interview, Mills addressed the rumors surrounding her supposed discord with McCartney’s children. When probed about the alleged friction, particularly with Stella McCartney, a renowned fashion designer, Mills retorted with a hint of irony, “That’s why I’m always wearing her clothes Michael, because we don’t get on of course. That’s why she was at the wedding and we do charity together.”
Mills expressed her view that the media found it convenient to concoct stories about her relationship with McCartney’s children, given her reluctance to participate in interviews. She suggested that the narrative of the malevolent stepmother, like in the Cinderella story, was an effortless fallback for those looking for anything to say about her.
Despite the adverse press, Mills stood her ground, refusing to be goaded and maintaining faith that the public would not be easily swayed by these narratives. Amid these hurdles, Mills demonstrated an unwavering commitment to preserving the privacy of McCartney and his children.

She was resolute in her determination to rise above the media chaos and concentrate on the positive facets of their family life. However, their relationship was short-lived, and in May 2006, the couple parted ways. McCartney initiated the divorce proceedings two months later.

The dissolution of Mills and McCartney’s marriage was as publicized as their union. A British tabloid suggested that the couple was on the verge of an out-of-court settlement, with Mills purportedly receiving a staggering sum exceeding $63 million in cash and assets.

This figure equated to almost $2,000 for each hour of their four-year matrimony. However, Mills and her legal team categorically refuted these claims. Several years post their split, Mills voiced her frustration over the incessant inquiries about her previous relationship with McCartney.
During a chat on Ireland’s “The Late Late Show” in 2015, she implored the host to steer clear of McCartney-related topics, deeming them “so boring.” She was irked that the spotlight on her was predominantly due to her marriage to the music icon, overshadowing her accomplishments such as being a ski racer and an advocate for animals and children with disabilities.

She stated, “This is someone I fell in love with who, to me, was a normal guy who happened to write a few cool songs in the 60’s and a few in the 70’s.” She emphasized that there was nothing extraordinary about that chapter of her life because, like anyone else, she had a partner she fell for, tied the knot with, realized it wasn’t working, and then moved on.
She added, “I divorced somebody that I once loved, and I was abused for it. How would I feel if the world was constantly saying, ‘What about that old baggage of yours?’”
More than a decade after their split, the former model made some startling revelations about McCartney’s daughter, Stella, and the role she played in the breakdown of their marriage. According to Mills, Stella made persistent attempts to disrupt their marriage every week, driven by intense jealousy.
Mills also expressed her belief that Stella didn’t care about her father’s happiness. She stated that she could no longer protect Stella, stating, “Stella wasn’t interested in her dad’s happiness. She’s done some evil, evil things.” One such incident involved Stella scraping Mills’ face out of a photograph during a therapy session they attended together.
Mills shared that a confidante of Stella’s had revealed to her that Stella was upset about the marriage, fearing that Mills would take all of McCartney’s wealth, including his planes and diamonds. Stella, the singer’s daughter with his first wife, Eastman, has made significant strides in the fashion industry, launching her own brand and collaborating with major companies like Adidas.
Her designs are distinguished by their eco-friendly and cruelty-free ethos. McCartney, who revealed that Stella began designing at the age of twelve, is a staunch supporter of his daughter’s work and is often seen in the front row at her fashion shows. Stella’s affection for her father is also evident.

On one of his birthdays, she shared a heartfelt message alongside a picture of them together, expressing her love and admiration for him. Last year on Father’s Day, she posted a compilation of pictures of her with her father from her childhood, along with sweet messages of appreciation.
She wrote a touching caption, expressing her gratitude for her father’s constant advice, support, and love. In an interview, McCartney shared his views on his role as a father and a husband. As a father, he tried to guide his children when they were younger.
Now that they are older, the roles have been reversed and he finds himself learning from them. He emphasized that his role as a father is to be there for his children, to help them, and to have fun with them. He fondly mentioned that now they are older, they even enjoy a drink together.

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