Millionaire’s Son Kicks Wife and Baby Out into the Cold, Loses His Inheritance the Next Day

Alice stood outside her ex-husband’s mansion, still reeling from the shock of being kicked out by the man she had once thought she’d spend the rest of her life with. She never imagined that her fairytale marriage to Lucas, a billionaire, would end in such betrayal and deceit.

As she stood there, clutching her son’s hand tightly, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of bitterness at how Lucas had manipulated her for his own selfish gains. All those years of marriage, all those promises of love and devotion, had been nothing more than a facade to him.

But just when Alice thought things couldn’t get any worse, she received an unexpected summons from Lucas’s parents, who had always treated her like their own daughter. They urged her to return to the mansion to try and salvage what was left of her marriage.

Reluctantly, Alice agreed, hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe, there was still a chance for her and Lucas to work things out. But as she approached the mansion, her heart sank at the sight of her ex-husband’s panicked expression and the presence of a mysterious stranger standing behind him.

Before Alice could even process what was happening, the stranger stepped forward, his handsome features softened with concern.

“Alice, I can’t believe I’ve found you!” he exclaimed, his voice filled with urgency. “This man is not worth your time. Let’s get outta here!”

Confusion washed over Alice as she stared at the stranger, her mind racing to make sense of the situation.

“Wait, hold up… who are you?” she demanded, her voice tinged with disbelief. “I don’t even know you.”

The stranger’s expression softened as he took a step closer to Alice, a glimmer of recognition flickering in his eyes.

“Just hear me out, Alice,” he pleaded, his voice gentle yet insistent. “We’ve actually met before. You just don’t remember.”

As the stranger’s words hung in the air, Alice felt a shiver run down her spine. Who was this man, and what did he mean by saying they had met before? As she searched his face for answers, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her life was about to take an unexpected turn, one that would lead her down a path she never could have imagined.

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