After 72 Years Serving, This Store Appears To Have Closed Permanently

Earlier this week, people noticed that one of their favorite spots for arts, crafts, and supplies to support their hobbies was all of a sudden empty.

Hobbyland, a staple in Clintonville for the past 72 years, appears to have closed for good. In 2020, the local arts and hobbies store moved from their Graceland location after nearly 70 years there, to right down the street at 3319 N. High St. And now, a couple of years later, the High St. space appears to be gone, too.
While the owner did not respond for comment, Hobbyland’s phone sends callers directly to voicemail, their shop has been cleared, and surrounding businesses have confirmed that Hobbyland is closing their storefront. An employee who works on the same street said that the owner, Andrew, told them Hobblyland was transitioning to an online store instead of a brick & mortar one. Their website is still up & running.

Hobbyland was a staple for those passionate about toy airplanes and cars for modeling, racing, and collecting, and they’ll surely be missed.

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