Pigeon Rescued After Being Colored In Pink To Be Used For A Gender Reveal Party

For a gender reveal party, a pigeon, that was dyed with a vibrant pink color, was found in a park in NYC. The pigeon was taken in by the Wild Bird Fund as it was found with signs of malnutrition in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park.

It seemed that the innocent bird had been dyed intentionally, according to the non-profit organization that deals with animal education and rescue. The organization shared a Tweet explaining that in addition to be dyed, the pigeon was malnourished as it was not able to escape predators, fly well, or even find food.

The non-profit organization also shared that you can use balloons or cake with the color pink or blue to announce the sex of the child instead of abusing an innocent animal for nothing.

The pigeon was given some paths to remove the dye out of the feathers hoping that its real color will appear soon. It has been reported that more than orphaned, hurt, and sick animals is treated by the organization every year.

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