24-Year-Old Discovered to Have Stage 3 Cancer After Ignoring Constant Burping

Although it is well known that cancer is a powerful foe, what if it first manifested as something as harmless as a burp? That was the situation for a 24-year-old lady who had been regularly burping for weeks before learning that her symptoms were signs of stage 3 cancer.

In 2021, the heartfelt Florida nurse Bailey McBreen heard the news that would rock her existence.

Burping ten times a day wasn’t something she initially gave much thought to, but it was a sign of something far more serious. Stage 3 colon cancer was subsequently determined to be her condition. Although she initially thought nothing of the burping, it was her body’s method of alerting her to a problem.

The 24-year-old was alert enough to recognize that something was wrong despite maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle frequently involving going to the gym. Her constant burping was not a usual symptom, she quickly noticed because she was in tune with her body. For at least 14 months, she continuously worked out 5–6 times each week.

“I started burping excessively, which was the first indication that something was awry, even though I wasn’t aware of it then. I would have 5–10 burps per day. I wasn’t used to this. I learned how peculiar that was because I had never burped before. However, I didn’t give it any thought. I had no idea that might be connected to such a terrible illness.”

On her cancer journey, Bailey encountered several difficulties. She had emergency surgery in January and is now having chemotherapy to treat her stage 3 colon cancer. It is anticipated that she will receive therapy till the end of August. She had been burping since the previous year, but at first, she had dismissed it as unimportant.

Unfortunately, her burping symptom was acid reflux, which her medical professionals initially misdiagnosed as worry. Her symptoms, such as a decreased appetite and excruciating discomfort, worsened over time.

Bailey felt that something was impeding her internal organs because she was a skilled nurse. She had a growing colon tumor, and a CT scan proved what she had suspected.

At 24, Bailey received a stage three colon cancer diagnosis, which shocked her. Like many others, she had no idea that vague symptoms might point to such a serious condition.

Bailey highlighted her surprise in an interview with, saying, “I could never have imagined that any obscure symptom I had could be indicative of stage three colon cancer.”

In her words, “I remember the first thing I could say was, ‘I am not ready to die.’” The incidence of colon cancer in young adults is relatively low, with just two instances being identified annually per 100,000 people.

“It seemed like I was outside of my body. I thought I was being diagnosed while sitting in the room’s corner. My heart rate accelerated while time seemed to slow down. I was very shocked at the time.”

In the transverse colon, which is situated below other organs in the abdominal cavity, Bailey found the tumor rather fast. Her cancer symptoms were more severe in this place, making therapy more challenging.

The gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a painful condition in which stomach acid rushes back into the esophagus and causes heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms, was being triggered by the tumor, as Bailey said.

In addition, the tumor completely blocked Bailey’s bowels, which made it difficult for her to urinate and caused her great suffering. “GERD was a symptom in my case because my tumor was gradually obstructing my entire bowel,” she claimed. My food was not entirely digesting, and it became ‘stuck’ above my tumor, resulting in reflux and burping.

Although excessive burping isn’t a classic indication of colon cancer, my doctor informed me that it was probably where my symptoms first appeared. She spoke. Since being diagnosed, Bailey McBreen has shown incredible tenacity and tenacity.

Despite the shock and terror that a cancer diagnosis might cause, she has decided to resist letting the disease win. This courageous woman hopes to use her experience to warn others about the dangers of ignoring unusual symptoms.

She said, “I won’t let this illness rule my life. I am fighting this disease with everything I have.”

“I have completely switched to nontoxic living; all of my cosmetics, cleaning products, and cookware are nontoxic.” She spoke. “Cancer doesn’t care who you are. Even if it else seems normal, everything that is unfamiliar to you needs to be addressed. I didn’t think much of my burping because it was something that happened “normally.” It’s crucial to pay attention to your body.

To reach its $75,000 objective, Bailey’s GoFundMe campaign has already raised more than $72,000.

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