Tina Turner’s son Ike Jr. was arrested and jailed weeks before her death

Tina Turner had a reportedly strained with her children, especially after she had moved to Switzerland as they had limited contact. Now reports of her son being arrested before her death have come out.

This is such a heartbreaking thing. Keep reading to learn more.

Tina Turner’s 64-year-old Ike Turner Jr. was arrested on charges of possession of crack cocaine, as well as for tampering with evidence. He was arrested in Alvin, Texas, on May 6 by police.

He was arrested 18 days before his mother passed away in her residence in Küsnacht, Switzerland, at the age of 83.

According to police reports, Turner Jr. was pulled over at 12:09 a.m. for what is referred to as an equipment failure — a term used for when a car has a headline or taillight is not working. Turner Jr. was driving a white 2013 Ford Fusion.

Police caught Turner Jr. in possession of 1.7 grams of crack cocaine and less than a gram of methamphetamine. Once caught, Turner allegedly tried to ingest the narcotics in order to avoid them being found.

According to officials from the Alvin Police Department trying to arrest Turner Jr. he allegedly “tried to eat the drugs before the officers could seize them from him.”

The vehicle also had a passenger, Jessica Salinas-Esquivel. She is also reportedly being charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Turner Jr. is reportedly being held at Brazoria County Jail for the past month and has not posted his bail, which has been set to the tune of $70,000.

Turner Jr.’s father and namesake, Ike Turner Sr., also famously battled substance abuse issues throughout his life. Tina Turner was married to Ike Turner Sr. from 1962 to 1978. Ike Turner Sr. had been arrested several times for substance-related offenses. He had served time behind bars for multiple possession offenses as well. He died in December 2007 due to a cocaine overdose when he was 76 years old.

Tina Turner died on May 24 after years of battling several health issues. She even underwent a kidney transplant in April 2017. Her husband Erwin Bach had donated the kidney to her.

It is sad to learn that Ike Turner Jr. is in this situation. We hope the best conclusion will be reached! Please keep the Turner family in your thoughts as they have been through a lot recently.

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