Morgan Wallen’s 2-year-old son rushed to the hospital following an attack from ex-fiancée’s dog

In a distressing turn of events, country music star Morgan Wallen’s young son found himself in a harrowing situation when he was rushed to the emergency room following an attack by Morgan’s ex-fiancée’s dog.

Country star Morgan Wallen, 30, has had a tough few weeks. In May, he was forced to cancel several concerts due to vocal fold trauma, and now his family has been shaken by another incredibly sad event.

This past Sunday, Wallen’s 2-year-old son, Indigo, was rushed to the hospital after being bitten in the face by a dog.

And it wasn’t just any dog that attacked the boy.

The dog, named Legend, is owned by KT Smith, Wallen’s ex-fiancée. Wallen and Smith, a social media influencer based in Nashville, were previously engaged – their son Indigo was born in July 2020.

It was Smith who first revealed the tragic events in a series of videos posted on Instagram.

”Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face and [Indigo] had to have stitches … we spent yesterday morning at the emergency room,” she began.

At the hospital, Indigo’s injuries were examined and the boy had to be stitched up.

After Smith posted the emotional videos on social media, many people suggested that the dog should be put down. According to several followers, it was the only right thing to do.

The dog, a Great Pyrenees, was adopted by Smith last year. According to her, the dog has experienced trauma in its past, like many other rescue dogs. KT stated that as the probable explanation for its aggressive behavior.

Yet when faced with the fact that the dog might have to be euthanized, she broke down. Instead, she appealed to her followers for other alternatives and refused to take her dog to a kill shelter, stating that other shelters are full.

”Since then, we have been looking for options and I just couldn’t bring myself to do what everyone else says and what you’re supposed to do, apparently … what the world tells you to do is to put the dog down because they are aggressive,” she continued.

A few hours later, Smith announced that she had found a solution.

”We just dropped Legend off with the sweetest family where he will be living out his full potential and best life on a farm,” Smith shared. “I couldn’t have asked for a better family for him to be loved on by, and they’re East Tennesseans, so we can visit any time we need to.”

According to Smith, she received a lot of harsh comments on her Instagram after sharing her experience. We all know that social media can be a harsh environment at the best of times, and this case was no exception.

The Nashville influencer shared a screenshot of one message that read, ”OK no you care more about the f—ing dog than your kid? What’s wrong with you?””

”To be a mom is to care about your child first and find the dog a home away from your kid before they come back into the home,” Smith replied.

”To be a dog mom is to find the best possible home for the dog, knowing that they can thrive in an environment that is meant for them without children.”

We all share the deep desire for our children to be safe and grow up in a secure environment.

It’s truly heartbreaking for any parent when our cherished little ones suffer harm.

Right now, our thoughts are with Morgan Wallen’s 2-year-old son, and we sincerely hope for his swift recovery and the ability to move past this distressing incident.

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