Actor Dolph Lundgren discusses his cancer diagnosis for the first time

For the first time, Dolph Lundgren has shared his sad cancer diagnosis. With his several memorable roles since the 1980s, the Swedish actor has caused waves in the entertainment industry. The adored actor has mesmerized viewers with his distinctive acting talent and tenacity in everything from “He-Man, Masters of the Universe” to “The Expendables” series. However, “Rocky IV” and his enduring depiction of Ivan Drago propelled Lundgren to global fame.

“I had no intention of becoming an action star. Being an action star was never my goal.” When reflecting on his career, Lundgren told Salon in 2021, “I got into acting because it made me feel wonderful. Since recently, my career has been more intriguing, difficult, and fulfilling. I suppose that was destined to be. I’m a martial artist and engineer.” Lundgren has had a memorable and thrilling career, but he has also faced challenges that have changed his life, such as his current cancer struggle.

For eight years, Dolph Lundgren has been battling cancer.

Dolph Lundgren said he’s been fighting cancer for the past eight years in an interview with the syndicated program “In Depth with Graham Bensinger,” which began after a tumor was discovered on his kidney in 2015.

“Then I did scans every six months, then you do it every year, and it was fine, you know, for five years,” he said. The star of “The Expendables” continued by revealing that his cancer came back in 2020 following an MRI for acid reflux. They discovered a few more malignancies in the vicinity, he continued.

According to Lundgren, his doctor told him he didn’t have long to live because the tumors were located close to his kidneys and his stomach, lung, and spine. He reportedly began commenting, “You should probably take a break and spend more time with your family,” among other things.

However, following the diagnosis, the star of “The Punisher” visited a second physician in London, who suggested a treatment strategy for his lung cancer because of its more aggressive mutation. “I would have had about three to four months left if I had started the other treatment,” he claimed.

Fortunately, Lundgren stated that since beginning the therapy regimen, his tumors have reduced by “90%”. The goal is that there won’t be any cancer activity when they remove these, and the medicine he’s taking will inhibit everything else, he continued.

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