Three boys aged 3, 4, and, 7 killed by their father in horrific execution-style murder

In an unthinkable tragedy, this father murdered his three young sons. The entire community is reeling from this senseless act of violence. There are no words for incidents like these…

32-year-old Chad Doerman has been arrested for murdering his three sons, aged 3, 4, and 7. Now bodycam footage from the cops who arrested Doerman has been released. The footage shows him moments after he killed his children.

Doerman allegedly murdered his three sons with a rifle. The Monroe Township, Ohio, resident was arrested on Thursday, June 15, after police responded to 911 calls to his home. The first call was from a woman screaming, “her babies had been shot”; while the second call came from a driver who said he saw a girl running down the street, saying, “her father was killing everyone.”

The three young boys were unresponsive when deputies and EMS emerged at the scene. They had reportedly died at the scene.

According to Prosecutors, Doerman “confessed to planning and carrying out the deaths of victims involved for several months.” According to reports, he lined his three boys up in the yard and shot them execution-style with his rifle. One of the boys was able to run to a field nearby, but Doerman dragged him back to the yard and shot him too.

Now bodycam footage from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office has emerged of the arrest. Doerman can be seen sitting on his front stoop with his gun beside him. The officers approach with caution before throwing him to the ground and handcuffing him.

“Man, I ain’t trying to hurt nobody. I’m completely sober. Never done drugs in my life,” Doerman says on the tape before clarifying that he did drugs when he was younger but was “sober” now.

“I’m not trying to hurt you,” he tells the deputies before he shouts at his dog to go back in the house.

In the background of the video, the boys’ mother can be heard saying, “They’re dead, aren’t they? What do I do?” She then wails, “He took my life from me, my life! They’re so little!”

At one point in the video, he asks authorities whether he can roll over to answer their questions. “I ain’t gonna hurt you. I ain’t mad. I ain’t nothing,” he said before he warned them about his dog. He then asks whether he can stand up because he was “kind of uncomfortable.”

When he is being escorted to the back of the Sheriff’s vehicle, he acknowledges that his stepdaughter had run to the fire department. He then asks for his wallet to be removed from his back pocket. To this, the answer he receives is, “Shut up. You have the right to remain silent, f—ing use it.”

Doerman was charged with three counts of aggravated murder. The boys‘ mother also sustained a gunshot to her hand, which according to prosecutors, she got “in her attempt to protect her children.”

His bail was held on a $20 million bond. The highest amount ever set in the county. A preliminary hearing has been set for June 26, and according to prosecutors, he has already confessed to the murders.

The boys’ aunt and the mother’s sister Rachel Brown started a GoFundMe to help her sister through this difficult ordeal. “My sister lost her three amazing babies yesterday. Nothing will make this better; it will never be okay. But please, if you can find it in your heart to help relieve the financial burden of this tragedy, please donate. No one should have to go through this,” she simply wrote.

A goal of $20,000 was set for the campaign, but it has raised 10 times as much since then.

This senseless tragedy is so heartbreaking. A father killing his own children is horrifying. Please take time to pray for this family and share their story so others can send their best wishes as well!

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