Jeremy Renner, his first interview since his ‘serious condition’ accident.

Jeremy Renner had a scary start to the year after being critically injured in a snowplow accident that left him with 30 shattered bones and chest trauma, among other injuries.

Beyond a few updates to his fans, the Marvel star has stayed relatively silent since the January 1 mishap. Still, he has now spoken with famed journalist Diane Sawyer about the tragedy.

The 52-year-old Hollywood actor revealed that it happened while attempting to save his nephew from being knocked down by a snowplow after the emergency brake was not correctly applied.

Despite his injuries, Jeremy stated unequivocally that he would “do it again” if a family member was in danger. He claimed he was “awake” for every instant of the event, recalling the excruciating pain.

In a belligerent tone, he stated: “I choose to live. You are not going to get me. No way.”

The news special, which will debut on April 6, will include the Diane Sawyer interview and information about the Hawkeye actor’s recovery.

It will also feature interviews with his family members affected by the event, including the nephew he saved, and audio from the frantic 9-1-1 calls made in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview – A Tale of Fear, Survival, and Triumph is a one-off program that arrives at a sensitive time for the Hollywood veteran.

Jeremy will walk the red carpet for the first time since the accident when his Disney+ series Rennervations premieres a week after it airs.

The 52-year-old reimagines purpose-built vehicles into various ideas in the four-episode series, including transforming a tour bus into a mobile music studio.

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