Nobody Wanted This Abandoned Puppy, Hundred People Passed By But No One Care About Her

This poor puppy was thrown on the street by her heartless owner..

Lying there on the pavement, aloned and sadness hopeless waiting for help and foods.

Hundred people passed by but no one ‘see’ her there, no one care about her.

Look at her eyes, It’s so sad and confuse! He can’t be left there alone. Her body covered many huge ticks.

The vet removed many huge ticks and treat with medicine for poor puppy.

Named the puppy is Atila.

Day 1: After treatment, little Atila is good now, she’s very hungry! She eat like never eat before!

Little Atila, you will never suffered like that again. We do with our best to give you the happy life.

10 days later: Atila is waiting for more vaccines and she will be ready for her home.

She’s a little girl, weight 6 kg of little grown, about 5-6 months old.

Such a good girl, she live in a box at the Vet station. Atila greetings from her home!

She’s very happy with her dad now! We’re so happy for Atila!

He recovered from the pain and he’s such a little warrior. He’s so friendly and mighty. He will be cared for and loved for the rest of his life.
Thanks to all the kind-hearted people involved in rescuing this Atila. Keep him in your prayer and share his story. ??

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