Before her fourth birthday, Alfonso Ribeiro calls his daughter “brave” when she has a scooter accident.

Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife, Angela Ribeiro, updated their Instagram followers on the condition of their daughter, Ava Sue. Ava had emergency surgery on Friday, May 12, to avoid scarring after falling off her sit-down scooter the day before her fourth birthday.

The same picture of their daughter’s injuries, which featured some severe burns and bruises near her right eye, elbow, and other areas, was posted by both parents. Alfonso expressed his gratitude to the compassionate and skilled staff at Kare MD Skin Health for helping to heal his daughter and expressed his pride in Ava.

“Just wanted to send Kare MD Skin Health a heartfelt thank you for the emergency service and process to help reduce the likelihood of scarring. So pleased of how courageous my little girl was throughout the procedure,” Alfonso captioned a photo on Instagram on May 12.

Around the same time her husband posted his Instagram caption, Ava’s mother, Angela Ribeiro, elaborated on the accident. When she woke up on Friday, she said she had “a vision/motherly intuition” that Ava would end up at the ER; her maternal instincts were tingling.

“I told the family, children, babysitter, and friends helping with Ava’s birthday party preparations that ‘we are not doing anything wild or unsafe today that could potentially result in an ER visit.’” When she shouted these words, “I made everyone look at me,” she stated in the Instagram caption.

She implied that her warning had gone unheeded because the scooter accident had occurred shortly after. Ava’s mother, Angela, submitted a heartfelt thank you note to Kare MD Skin Health, specifically to Dr. Raffy, for treating her daughter after hours and lessening the likelihood that she would develop severe scarring.

“She was a trooper, but it wasn’t a great way to spend your last day as a 3-year-old. Extra hugs tonight for this wonderful girl,” she continued. Many famous people, like Allison Holker, Kimberly Van Der Beek, Sharna Burgess, Will Buxton, and many others, left their good wishes in the comments section.

Angela and Alfonso Ribeiro celebrated Ava Sue’s fourth birthday on May 13 following her emergency surgery. Although it’s unclear what sort of activities (if any) they participate in on any given day, Angela tweeted a picture of Ava getting ready to eat some Swedish pancakes, which looked delicious.

On May 13, the Kare MD Skin Health team thanked Alfonso Ribeiro for his warm remarks and wished Ava a happy birthday on Instagram. “Alfonso, I appreciate your warm sentiments. We feel privileged to care for your darling princess Ava. Good luck with your recovery,” they wished in the caption.

Their son, Anders Reyn, born on April 30, 2015, turned eight just two weeks before this birthday. On Instagram, he received birthday wishes from Angela and Alfonso, with a picture of him next to a huge balloon that said “8.” Their family is developing so quickly!

Since getting hitched on October 13, 2012, Angela and Alfonso Ribeiro have been adding to their family. Alfonso Lincoln, 9, and Anders Reyn, 8, are their two sons, while Ava Sue, 4, is their daughter. Sienna Ribeiro, age 20, is another child that Alfonso had from a prior relationship.

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