When a newborn baby refuses to eat, the family eventually learns the shocking truth

In January, Bethany Taylor and her husband Kendall welcomed a new member into their family.

Baby Jane was a healthy baby girl who was born without any problems.

But five days later, she developed a severe illness and stopped eating.

Then the entire family became unwell, and they made a horrific discovery.

Like all first-time parents, Bethany and Kendall couldn’t wait to take their baby home from the hospital. The pair was thrilled to be starting a new life.

But something later occurred that caused everything to change. Jane, the five-day-old infant, started to feel unusually exhausted and stopped eating. She was hurried to the emergency department by Bethany and Kendall because they were sure something was wrong. However, nothing was wrong with the girl when the pediatrician examined her.

The couple developed headaches and immediately felt ill after leaving the hospital and returning home. Grandma was summoned to assist them, but she soon became sick herself. Dad Kendall was suspicious of what was going on.

To learn more, the father performed some online research. They returned their newborn baby to the hospital when he realized the reality.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to my baby, and I was so worried about what would happen to her,” the mother said.

The apartment’s gas heater was the source of the contamination. The heater was broken, which caused the family’s carbon monoxide poisoning. Jane received treatment right away in a hyperbaric chamber.

Mother Bethany could remain in the chamber with her child throughout the procedure. And the therapy was effective!

She was famished when she exited the chamber, says Dr. James Stewart.

Fortunately, everything turned out okay for this family, but if the young girl hadn’t received treatment in a timely manner, it might have been tragic. Every home is susceptible to gas leaks, especially those with outdated heaters. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your house is therefore crucial!

Spread the word about this crucial warning so others know this silent killer!

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