Woman Ruthlessly Dumping Her Disabled Dog Caught By Security Cameras

There are millions of neglected dogs in the world that don’t receive proper care and enough attention from their owners. As human species, we often don’t deserve these furry, four-legged creatures that seek only love and companionship, and give plenty in return.

The story of Tintin, the disabled dog from Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, who was abandoned by his owners is a real example of how negligent some people can be.

After he was cruelly dumped from a car and pushed away from a woman who was caught by surveillance cameras, Tintin was left on the street on his own. This is what happened…

Tintin – The Victim Of Animal Cruelty

We can say with certainty that Tintin was a victim of pet negligence and animal cruelty. The acts of a woman throwing him out of a car, which were recorded on surveillance cameras, prove that this poor dog had a horrible experience with the former owners.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the whole story… After she dumped him out of the car and then pushed him away, causing Tintin to fall on his face, her husband found Tintin roaming the streets.

He then took this poor boy to a Secretariat of Animal Protection, claiming that he found the dog on the street. What the staff didn’t know at the time was that he himself was the actual owner of Tintin.

The video soon went viral, causing rage and judgements from people all over the world. They uniformly demanded maximum punishment for the heartless woman who abandoned this poor boy, leaving him at the mercy of the street.

Secretariat Of Animal Protection To The Rescue

Luckily, Tintin got to the right place. People from the Secretariat of Animal Protection in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, took things seriously. Not only was Tintin cruelly abandoned and neglected by his owners – he was also a disabled dog that couldn’t use his front legs.

He was limping instead of walking, not being able to perform normal puppy activities. That’s why the staff from the SAP decided to raise the criteria for adopting Tintin.

They decided to have a really thorough screening process of future candidates in order to prevent Tintin from going through animal abuse once again.

Tintin Found A Forever Home

Against all odds – Tintin’s story turns out to be a happy one! Patas Guerreras took Tintin in and later provided him with the nicest family in the world! After all these years, the puppy finally got the right people and a loving home!

Even though he’s still not able to do all those normal doggo things, Tintin is more than happy in his new home. He frolics around with his new family members all the time! He eats, sleeps, cuddles, plays, and enjoys the moments of happiness he always deserved.

Fortunately, there are always more good people in this world, but it turns out – for some canines – the road to a furever home is a path full of thorns.

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