Conjoined twins Physically, Bella and Abby were connected from birth, but surgery permanently changed everything.

Twins are a very rare phenomenon. Special due to the connection they have on a mental and physical level, and the topic becomes much more fascinating when we take a look at a few interesting facts. Did you know that identical twins share 99.9% of their DNA?

Additionally, there have been cases where they were born 84 days apart from one another rather than on the same day. Due to their special connection, twins have on occasion had the same thought at the same time, experienced the same feeling, or carried out the same action.

Amazing, isn’t it? People who are physically connected to one another and conjoined at birth occur in a select few unusual circumstances. Twins’ lives are at danger in these extremely rare circumstances because connecting their organs can cause major complications.

Bella and Abby have a strong connection despite the fact that they are no longer aware of their past as conjoined twins. They stayed in the hospital for an additional six months after birth because their organs were twisted together.

If you’re interested in the numbers, one of these cases can occur per 60,000 births. It was difficult for them at first since their lives were in jeopardy and they were attached in the chest and abdomen.

The surgeons had to make a risky decision in response to a pressing situation. The procedure could start once the parents approved it since they thought it was their only chance of survival. The surgery will be successful because of their expertise and determination, despite what at first appeared to be a twofold problem.

On May 12th, 2006, seventeen doctors participated in the twelve-hour procedure. Throughout this entire time, the parents worried and prayed constantly for their two little angels. The treatment was a great success, and in less than a month, the family returned to their home.

Years after the surgery, the girls are in great health and quite active. Abby and Bella are doing gymnastics as a way to control their incredibly high levels of energy. Because it seems like they are constantly competing, they enjoy playing together.

They also discovered that the girls have some telepathic abilities when they astonished one another by thinking the same thing or by being able to converse with one another without speaking.

The fact that Abby and Isabelle can completely appreciate their wonderful existence makes us very happy. The bracelets they each wear have the phrase “One in a million,” which wonderfully sums up their individual stories.

These beautiful girls are without a doubt one in a million. Their parents are immensely happy and joyful when they see their little daughters playing and being healthy. Tell your friends about this story and let us know what you think in the comments!

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