Deaf Dog Stung By Bees 1000 Times Is Finally Buzzing With Happiness

Although I strongly believe that dogs can be friends with pretty much any other animal, sometimes that friendship just doesn’t work.

We’ve seen tons of unusual animal friendships. Sometimes, dogs are buddies with cats, and sometimes with wild animals like deer. But, I have never seen a dog that became friends with a bee.

This poor pooch came across some pretty nasty bees and they didn’t want his friendship. They didn’t want anything good. What these bees did to the poor pup was terrible.

His story will shake you to the core. Prepare tissues and brace yourself because the content you’re about to see will stay in your thoughts for a long time.

1000 Bee Stings For A Pitbull Pup Named Stinger

dog stunned by bees

When Stinger arrived at the shelter, the volunteers were left speechless. They never saw such a case. They never heard of anyone surviving so many bee stings.

Stinger was definitely one special Pitbull. But, even being so special didn’t stop his former family from turning him in to the shelter, rejecting him for being stung by bees 1000 times. Even the fact that Stinger was deaf didn’t stop them.

They just gave up on him and decided they didn’t want anything to do with him.

Stinger was moments away from being euthanized because no one really believed he could make it.

Carri Shipaila, from LuvnPupz shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the only one brave enough to think that Stinger would survive. Carri drove an hour to get Stinger and bring him back to her shelter where he would be treated and rehabilitated.

Treating Stinger was no walk in the park at all. A long journey was ahead of both Stinger and Carri, but fortunately, they did make some progress… one tiny step at a time.

Being stung by bees 1000 times and surviving it was already a miracle. Imagine the condition Stinger was in after Carri found him. Besides the bee stings, Stinger was suffering from a secondary skin infection and sarcoptic mange.

poor dog in wounds

On top of everything, Stinger got an autoimmune disease from all of those bee stings, called Pemphigus. |1|

Thanks to Carri, Stinger fully recovered. He miraculously bounced back from one of the worst cases of bee stings ever. Now, he’s a happy doggo buzzing with happiness.

Unfortunately, dog lovers from across the States won’t get the chance to adopt Stinger, a now unrecognizable boy. Because of his high care costs, Stinger will stay in his foster family at LuvnPupz, but he surely doesn’t lack love and care there.

Stinger is a brand new doggo! He enjoys life, and looks back on his terrible past without an issue. He even makes jokes about it… the latest being when he dressed up as a bee for Halloween.

That’s the way we all should handle difficulties in life: with a bright smile and huge hope that everything will turn out to be okay in the end.


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