This Dog Risked His Life to save His Girl..Real Hero !

My Irish hound dog saved my life. I was walking in my front yard when he sped past me and attacked something very close to me and in my path. It turned out that there was a rattlesnake. My dog was bitten twice but I took him to the vet very soon and he was fine. I love my best friend.
That clip of the German shepherd guarding that little boy is simply wonderful. There are no other words to describe it.
I’ve seen a few of these before, but I think it’s by far the best for the cat to save the human cub. That cat had literally gone into “protection at all costs” mode and was clearly ready to put her own life on the line to keep the child safe if needed. That cat didn’t necessarily hesitate, and the only time he stopped was to make sure the little boy was okay before continuing to push the dog away from the boy. If he were my cat, he would live the remaining years in 100% absolute luxury after what he did; and what he was willing to sacrifice for the family that day.
This last one surprised me. I didn’t know cats were so loyal. It’s very nice that cats and dogs accept human children as something to be protected.
I remember watching another video of a pair of dogs rescuing their owner from an aggressive bear. Unbelievably, one got aggressive, the other tried to show weakness and trap the bear so that he chased it not away from the man but towards the opposite side of the man’s door. The way they were placed was this: if the dogs forced the bear to go to the opposite side of the man, that would block his door, so they really directed the bear away from the man and the door like a right angle. They were so clever and reminded me of the first dog in the video, the absolute geniuses and heroes, protecting the little boy!
7:20… this is an extraordinary story about the cat who saved that boy. The poor boy had to get a few stitches as a result of this attack. I’m a dog person but this cat is awesome.
My favorite part about the cat protecting the child was that the cat turned to look at the child, but realized that the mother was there for the child and followed the dog more.
That little dog that stopped the traffic to save the neglected baby who was on the road was extraordinary, in addition, the cat protecting the child is very unusual dogs have a natural instinct to keep their herd safe and some breeds have deliberately chosen this trait and breed specifically for this purpose but a cat has no pedigree to do this , so he decided to oppose a larger animal with his pure will, extraordinary!
It was super awesome that that German Shepherd Dog led the kid out of the way and then stood on top of the kid to keep him safe, and as a result that cat protecting that little kid from the dog is just as awesome!!!
The only thing missing is the video of the stray dog protecting the girl walking alone on the street at night from a robber. The dog felt that the man was not well, watched him pass by, and as soon as the man followed the girl, the dog jumped up and began to protect her. I always wished/dreamed that he would adopt that dog that day and bring it home with him.
That golden retriever, a goose/duckling, just saw the little waterfowl and couldn’t resist his hunting dog instincts! I’m 50/50 on the issue of whether the little bird is really in trouble because he was created for the purpose of water, or gold he was swimming happily when he spotted him and his beagle brain told him with every ounce of his being. he was supposed to take the little man and “take back” the human for his purpose! Instincts are a hard thing to ignore… Isn’t it amazing how gentle retrievers are when carrying something, able to carry the most delicate creatures like a live duckling without a scratch on them?
Yes, the German shepherd does this breed. I have three. One has passed but they will protect their family members without thinking about their own safety. They are great dogs! I love the opportunity of the dog that saved the baby duck!😊
Surprisingly, the most wealthy, loyal cat jumps out to chase the attacking dog to save the little girl. Wow, that’s really impressive. And other wholehearted dogs defending their owners or the little girl they don’t know. And then the little girl who had thrown herself in the middle of the road to draw attention to the danger was involved. Greetings to all the wonderful, brave, loyal creatures that I love so much, that is, to ALL the animals on earth!❤

My dog was traumatically injured a few days ago and I was the one who saved him. I think he will protect me at all costs, from now on ❤this has bound us for sure.
It is absolutely wonderful that our cats and dogs protect us in this way. The pets we have are family members!!! I risk my life for my dog. We must protect these wonderful animals as much as we can.
For the parents out there.. LOOK AT YOUR CHILDREN.. They’re so innocent out there and they don’t know any better.. Protect them with your life.. Our future is there.. Straight☝🏽
That dog hits the boy in the beginning k head bite (because dogs go down the throat) it was pure AMAZING!! I hope the clever dog is still alive and defending those who love him because they did a good job and he did too. I had a farm cat that turned into a mountain lion when a random creature that did not belong to that region came to his land. Mail carriers and UPS drivers knew the need to leave packages in the big box they could go to. They knew that the neighbors’ big dogs should not cross the street. Until they met the cat, everyone thought the attention to the cat and the warnings to stay out of your car were funny. As a widow, I loved that cat very much. DRAG CHITTY KITTY
This brought tears to my eyes because I had previously been cornered by a coyote in the most unusual place – the desolate midnight streets of New York. I understand that.”
This video tells us that there are both good and bad dogs. It’s always great to have our family pet come to our aid, but it’s equally terrifying to have aggressive dogs roaming the land. Because of a pack of dogs roaming around where I live, I couldn’t walk to my mailbox or even look in my garden without a gun. When they first introduced themselves, it was my late husband who saved me, and shouting at them loudly. After that first encounter, I was armed. We also had to deal with rattlesnakes, including the dreaded mohave green. He was shot 4 times a year ago; We lost our beloved cat to the bite of the rattlesnake.
My favorite part about the dog saving the other dog from drowning is the human being who can help much faster, doing nothing but sitting there filming the whole thing. Good job man.
Someone give all these animals a chance 🏆! I actually believe these extraordinary pets are God’s gift 🥰❤️
I don’t care how big or small a dog is, if you give him love and affection, he will do the same in return, risking his life to keep the owner safe.
Extraordinary acts of love and friendship of animals. I had a female coyote wolf pet who rescued me once after returning from a stinging concert, I was nearly attacked in the direction of a man giving a club image poster in a roll state. The beast snarled so fiercely that the big man hurriedly took off.
Cassidy Friedrichsen
1 month ago
Dogs are wonderful and loyal companions, they literally become part of your family, it’s so heartwarming to respect all the animals in this video.
I watched the first in the original install. I still can’t believe you pushed him down and protected him like he did! Just WOW. Thumbs up for brave dogs! And to imagine that they were all once innocent little pups. Last year, I filmed every pup I met on the streets of the city I lived in, and the result was ’50 puppies in 2 minutes’. I hope one day they will be as heroic as the dogs in this video!
I actually liked the scene where the German Shepherd jumps on the child to ensure his safety and instinctively knows how to put the child down. Dogs are so great that I don’t think people deserve dogs because some people actually treat them badly. I also think that they should have more rights as living beings. More severe penalties for abusers, etc.
That first clip is actually great. It is a technical genius that the German shepard steals and knocks the child down, not to cover it, but to distract him from the running dog’s point of aim. He knew that when the dog lost momentum by pushing the dog away from the boy, then it would be 1 to 1.
I don’t know why but these things always make me cry… We don’t give enough credit to the other varieties when it comes to emotions, but among the varieties that are just as complicated as we are..

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