The 80-day journey of a heavily pregnant dog, who was left on the road for days and waiting for its owner!

Dogs are our loyal and loving friends. They are always there for us and support us even in our most difficult times. However, unfortunately, sometimes people can be irresponsible towards these loyal friends. This story describes such a situation.

A dog was abandoned by its owner. This heavily pregnant dog was left alone. Every day he waited, hoping that his owner would return. However, the owner never came back. The dog continued to wait helplessly, not knowing what to do.

Days passed and the dog was still alone. He was struggling to find food and water, but he still did not lose hope. And then the day he’d been waiting for came. The dog was very happy when it saw its owner. However, the owner kept walking without looking at him. The dog was alone again.

After that, the dog set off alone. Maybe he could find out where his owner had gone. But the journey has been very difficult. The dog was writhing with hunger and thirst. However, he did not give up and kept going.

Days passed and the dog was still walking. The journey was extremely difficult for him. However, the maternal love and strength within her pushed her to continue on her path. The dog finally reached a town. Here, he was fed and given water by the people who helped.

The dog remained grateful to the people who helped him. However, he still had to continue his journey. He set off again, and this time began to look for a warmer place for himself. Days passed and the dog finally arrived at a farm. Here, she was adopted by an animal-loving family and given a place to give birth.

The dog gave birth worn out and tired. However, her maternal love gave her strength. The dog did everything he could to feed his puppies. The animal-loving family took good care of the dog and helped him.

The puppies grew and the dog began to lead a happy life on the farm. However, he still could not forget his owner. Maybe one day he would come back. However, the owner never came back

Dogs are one of the most loyal friends of humans. But unfortunately, some people do not repay this loyalty and abandon the animals. This story is about the struggle of a pregnant dog abandoned by its owner.

The dog’s name was Bella and she never returned after her owner took her on a trip. Despite being pregnant, Bella thought from the beginning of her journey that she would be waiting for him. But the owner did not return for a week, and Bella had to contend with hunger.

A few days later, Bella found herself in an unfamiliar place. There she lay under a tree and she continued to wait. Thinking no one noticed her for several days, Bella was on the verge of helplessly starving.

But one day, a man living there noticed Bella and gave her food. Bella acknowledged the man’s friendship and thought it would be safe to stay close to him. Bella continued to wait for her owner, but day by day her pregnancy began to be difficult for her.

A few days later, a car pulled up next to Bella with a family in it. When the family saw Bella, they decided to help her. They picked Bella up in their car and drove her home.

The family provided Bella with food, water and shelter. They took her to a vet to assist with Bella’s pregnancy and began her treatment. However, they did not know where Bella’s owner was.

Bella continued to stay in the family home and became a devoted friend to them. However, he continued to wait for his owner. On her walks, Bella always looks to the other side of the road and waits, hoping that her owner will come.

Throughout their pregnancy, the pups in Bella’s womb continued to grow. Bella was getting more and more tired with each passing day and she was feeling heavy on her back. However, Bella’s fate was about to change because of it.

One day, the owner remembered where Bella was and decided to return. The journey was long and tiring, but when the owner found Bella, he immediately recognized her.

Her owner took Bella back from her family and took her home again.

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