Jennifer and Ben were again caught during a quarrel! fans are sounding the alarm

Once more, Jennifer and Ben were overheard fighting. Alarms are being raised by supporters.

It appears that the joyful ending to our favorite Hollywood fairy tale may actually be a divorce. Back in February, rumors started to circulate that not everything was going according to plan for the ideal couple of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez:

When the actor was overlooked by his lovely wife at the Grammy ceremony because he was clearly bored, the fans turned their attention to the actor. Since then, the pair has sung odes to one another numerous times in interviews, and the rumors have died down; nevertheless, a few days ago, they resurfaced with a vengeance.

Ben, who was not in the best of moods, was seen in a viral video slamming the car door behind Jennifer. It appears that no one experiences anything similar.

But a day later, the hot couple fought once more, this time in front of the cameras, at the “Mother” premiere for J. Lo’s newest movie. Fans of the famous family now have a new reason for worry.

An exclusive footage obtained earlier this month in Beverly Hills by European tourists who saw the actor’s automobile at a traffic light was made public by The Daily Mail.

The video makes it crystal clear that Ben and Jennifer are having a heated argument about something, with the actor cursing more and his wife giving him a very annoyed expression as they talk.

Of course, disagreements arise in any marriage, but aren’t there too many with Bennifer? Even so, it had only been a little over a year since their lavish wedding. Is the conclusion to this lovely tale just around the corner? We are unwilling to accept it.

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