To Save His Owners Life From Home Intruder This Loyal Dog Sacrificed His Own Life

This loyal dog sacrificed his own life. He tried to save his owner from a home intruder. There is no doubting the allegiance and appreciation pets have for their owners, and although the following story is tragic, this faithful dog was a true hero. He sacrificed his life to save his family!

This story took place in Merauke, Indonesia. Achy Wijaya got up in the early hours to find his dog almost lifeless in the garden of his house. Achy had heard him bark the last night.

Conforming to NtdNews, Achy got shocked to learn that they poisoned his dog. ,,We were not robbed because our dog barked consistently.” Achy reported on Facebook. ,,It was only when we left the house in the morning that we realized that our dog had been poisoned by thieves.” When the tragic truth came out, the family said they were asleep when a gang of burglars planned to break into their home.
,,The dog started barking angrily, but no one bothered to look, thinking that the dog had noticed the cat. The dog suddenly stopped barking. The next morning he was found dying lying in his own vomit and swallowing foam. Suggesting he had been poisoned. We desired to take him to the vet. Unfortunately we nap in Papua and the vet cares only for livestock. And it was Sunday, so the vet clinic was closed.” Achy wrote.

The family tried to help the dog by giving it milk, oil and coconut milk. Sadly the dog was very weak and sadly died. Unable to find solace in the death of his dog, who gave up his own life for the safety of his family.
Achy filmed his brave dog’s final moments. In honor of his pet’s life and to remind others to focus on the bark of their dogs!
Rest in peace, precious little dog! You are a true hero!

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