“Defective” Puppy Falls Asleep In Man’s Arms After Insufferable Loss

A woman, that puts her loving heart into rescuing animals, sees a pup wandering around. She calls to the puppy. He then turns around and walks over to her. She decides at that moment, she will name the dog Bodoque. Once she looks at Bodoque’s face, it is obvious that he needs medical attention. His little face is covered in a scaly crust that resembles mange and his eyes are completely closed.

Was this poor puppy blind from birth? Or was his lack of sight a by-product of being on the streets? Bodoque is so eternally grateful for being rescued. He had spent too many days fending for himself. He’s exhausted! His rescuer picks him up and he falls asleep in her arms. Seeing him at peace is so heartwarming. Just look at the photo below!

The woman then takes Bodoque to the animal clinic. The veterinarian examines the puppy and determines he was born with an eye defect at birth. It was possible he was dumped on the streets for being “defective” by a human who didn’t want him because he wasn’t perfect. How horrible!

But Bodoque’s tragic fate is about to change… forever! We are so grateful for kind-hearted people who continue to help animals in need. Bodoque’s full tale is a must-watch! Scroll on down for the full video and prepare yourself for all the feels!

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