Woman Thinks Her Dog Caught Baby Birds, Then She Looked Between The Dog’s Paws

Jenna Laigle, a 31-year-old woman, was out for a walk with her 6-year-old Golden Retriever, Otis, in Torrington, Connecticut. During the walk, Otis suddenly became anxious and distracted. To Jenna’s surprise, Otis led her to a field where they discovered a litter of 6 newborn bunny rabbits that appeared lifeless and scattered on the ground.

While Jenna was aware that the baby rabbits were not with their mother, Otis was primarily worried about their safety as the area was known to be frequented by predators like hawks. He felt a strong urge to protect the children because of his paternal instincts.

Otis picked up each of the delicate baby bunnies carefully with his mouth and placed them safely between his paws. After gathering all the distraught bunnies, he comforted them with licks and snuggles until they were calm. Jenna searched for the mother’s nest where these lost bunnies belonged.

Otis felt immense pride as he brought the babies back to their rightful homes. His eyes shone with happiness, knowing he had provided them with safety and comfort during their time with him. According to Jenna, Otis has always been very emotional and loves to help animals in need. He is a kind and empathetic soul.

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