Loyal Dog Waits For Dead Owner By The Pond

By India Today Web Desk: Best known for being true loyalists, dogs never fail to win hearts. Proving the same, a recent heartbreaking video from Thailand showing a dog waiting for his owner, who accidentally slipped and drowned in a pond, is going viral online.

“56-year-old Somprasong Srithongkhum was switching on a sprinkler in his farm when he reportedly slipped on a steep bank and fell into the water in Chanthaburi, Thailand, last Friday morning,” reported Daily Star.
The viral video shows that the loyal dog, named Mhee, didn’t move and kept waiting for his owner to return. The dog had his owner’s flip-flops and torch beside him as he waited for him. It looked inconsolable.

When his cousin, Somporn, went to the farm to look for him, she only found the sobbing dog on the shore.

Seeing the dog in a desolate state, she immediately felt that her cousin might have slipped into the pond before sinking.

She got in touch with the rescue team to find the body. Divers spent 10 minutes in the water to find Somprasong’s dead body.

Mhee looked like “he was ordered to wait for someone,” she said.

“I think my cousin accidentally fell down into the pond when he went there to open the valve on his sprinkler which waters the durian on the farm. He might have fallen because he wasn’t well,” Somporn said.

A dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

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