Elderly Circus Bear Caged Above A Garage When She’s Too Old To Work

Chada, an elderly circus bear, was born in captivity. She spent her life entertaining others. When she grew old, and her show was over, she was placed in a crate over a garage. Marina, a zoologist, founded Save Wild Foundation. The rescue group operates White Rock Bear Shelter. Marina heard about Chada through concerned locals and knew she had to help her.

The old, blind bear was taken to the sanctuary. Her continued response to having room to roam is priceless! She now has grass to run on, sticks to play with, and a swimming pool she loves splashing around in. Chada is part of a rare subspecies of black bear, and there are only several hundred left in the world!

Because Chada spent her life trapped in a cage, she is much smaller than she should be. Marina says she’s a “micro bear” and, because of her stature, cannot be socialized for her safety. However, Chada still communicates with other bears through the fence and even kisses the males in neighboring enclosures.

We are beyond grateful for Chada’s rescue! Thank you, Marina! To learn more, and to see Chada celebrate her freedom, check out the video below.

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