Alfonso Ribeiro Calls His Daughter ‘Brave’ After Suffering Scooter Accident Ahead of Her 4th Birthday

Alfonso Ribeiro, famous for his role on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” recently shared a health update about his daughter, Ava Sue. Ava, who was about to turn four years old, suffered a scooter accident that required emergency surgery to prevent scarring. Alfonso and his wife, Angela Ribeiro, took to Instagram to express their gratitude and provide updates on Ava’s condition.

Both parents posted a photo showing Ava’s injuries, which included bruises and burns around her eye, elbow, and shoulder. Alfonso thanked the medical professionals at Kare MD Skin Health for their assistance and praised Ava’s bravery during the surgery. Angela shared more details about the accident, mentioning her premonition that something would happen and her warning to avoid dangerous activities. She expressed her appreciation for Dr. Raffy at Kare MD Skin Health for treating Ava after-hours and minimizing the potential for scarring.

Despite the unfortunate incident, the Ribeiro family managed to celebrate Ava’s fourth birthday the following day. Angela posted a picture of Ava enjoying Swedish pancakes, although it’s unclear what other activities they engaged in. Kare MD Skin Health also joined in the celebration, thanking Alfonso for his kind words and wishing Ava a speedy recovery.

The birthday festivities came just two weeks after celebrating their son’s eighth birthday. The Ribeiro family shared their joy on Instagram and marked the occasion with a photo of their son standing beside a giant ‘8’ balloon.

Angela and Alfonso Ribeiro tied the knot on October 13, 2012, and have been expanding their family ever since. They have two sons together, Alfonso Lincoln (9) and Anders Reyn (8), and Ava Sue (4). Additionally, Alfonso has a 20-year-old daughter, Sienna Ribeiro, from a previous relationship.

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