A Rescue Dog Lead His First Mission And Saved A Family’s Lost Dog, Who Was Trapped In Mud For 2 Days

We definitely don’t deserve dogs, and sometimes even dogs don’t deserve dogs.

An 11-year-old Great Pyrenees named Puppy was rescued recently by a rescue dog on his first mission, who found him trapped in mud. Puppy had been stuck there for over 40 hours.
According to Q13 Fox, Puppy’s owner, Karen James, had gone horseback riding with her daughter around their McCleary, Washington, property. Puppy followed but never returned home. So James called Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue for help.

On Saturday morning, Tino the rescue dog went out looking for Puppy, and found him entrenched in mud less than a mile from his home.
According to a post by Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue on Facebook, it took “three people pulling on ropes to get Puppy out of the mud. His back feet weren’t working at first, probably because he had been stuck in the cold mud for hours.”

They added that “Puppy’s family may not have found him without the help of a search dog. This was Tino’s first ‘Walk up find’ of his career, on his third official search. He has been training for about 16 months.”

James told Q13 Fox, “We would not have seen him because he was far enough off the trail. And you know there’s miles and miles, acres and acres of wilderness out there to search. We just never would have found him.”

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